Things often go awry

Before I get started with my normal ramblings for the week, I figured I ought to review my progress on my Twilight project. So, yes, I plopped my bottom down in the faithful recliner last night at about 11:30, popcorn at the ready, for a Sunday night screening. Unfortunately, my condition at the time (plum tuckered out) took precedence over my desire to complete the assignment given by my first born. In other words, I think I got about 20 minutes into the movie and then found myself waking up just in time to see the closer credits roll.

That particular outcome probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. As I’ve said, I have something of a habit when it comes to family room nodding-off, and hockey compounds the effect. I’m just too damned stubborn to admit when I physically need rest; either that or I’m hell-bent on earning a reputation as the family narcoleptic.

By the way, random note derived from an office conversation: if a colleague is trying to remember the word narcolepsy, and asks you what it’s called when someone just up and falls asleep all the time, don’t accidentally start to reply that it’s “necro…” Anything starting with that prefix is something else altogether, and not a topic you typically want to bring up at the office. Unless you’re like a mortician. Or you run a prison.

Anyway, as tonight is Monday night, I was planning to meet my buddies at the bar for the weekly moderate consumption of beers. We’ve been doing it in some form or another for over a decade now, although I generally only manage to attend once or twice a month. You see, the Puddinette works in the evenings, so it’s my job to put the kids to bed. While that’s certainly no big deal, my buddies are all less stubborn than I am when it comes to fulfilling their physical need for rest. In other words, I’m apparently the only middle-aged dude in three counties that makes any kind of habit of going to work in the morning on just five hours of sleep. Staying out a little late doesn’t bother me, but by the time I’ve got the kids down and reasonably settled enough to get away, everyone else is just about to head home.

Oh well, there’s always next week; having missed out tonight gives me the chance to take another crack at Project Twilight. Maybe I’ll get though the whole first hour this time. It gets less broody eventually, right?