Like it’s Nineteen Ninety-Nine

The weather widget on my desktop PC told me it was 64 degrees outside when I got home from work today. Sixty-four degrees. Fahrenheit. On February 17th. I don’t know about you, but where I come from that’s a sign of full blown chaos.

Sweet, warm, wonderful chaos.

I suppose there’s a chance it means that the End is Nigh, but then, I couldn’t see my breath today so I’m mostly okay with that.

Seriously, is spring upon us already? Is that even possible? Personally, I think Mother Nature is being a huge tease here, and this time next week I’m going to look outside and see my driveway once again covered in something cold that rhymes with “lice”. But for now, let’s stick with the positive side of things; I’m going to be content with however many days of this fabulously moderate weather we happen to get.

In fact, it was so nice today that I couldn’t help but think of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, “Locksley Hall”, which gives us the famous line, “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

Yeah, that’s right. I said it.

The thing is, though, I’m no longer a young man, per se, regardless of my maturity level, and I’m pretty much stocked up on love in my life. The Puddinette and family do me fine in that regard. So, then, as the weather turns to spring, to what does my, um, fancy, turn to?

For one, baseball, of course, but that’s another post. Otherwise, well, I think we should celebrate the fact that we’ve (mostly) made it through another winter intact.

I do believe we need to have us a party.

Ironically enough, the official start of spring is March 20. Eight short days before that, March 12th, is, well, my birthday. As I’ve said in the past, I like to use my birthday as an excuse to get a babysitter and spend the night out with good people. Usually, that means the friends I’ve known since I was but a whippersnapper myself. This year, though, I’m thinking about something different. I’m thinking about maybe something a bit unusual, with perhaps a few more people.

I’m thinking I’d like to go out and have a few cocktails with all of you. Seriously, I really want to meet the people who I’m fortunate enough to be able to count as a reader. At least, readers that are interested in having a beverage or two with us.

So, yes, let’s have us a Puddintopia Party.

Being me, I really don’t have much of a plan, of course. On Saturday, March 12th, I’m taking my wife out somewhere, and I’m hoping anyone who reads my ramblings, either on Puddintopia or for Hoperatives, will join us. I don’t know where this silly event should take place, though. Someplace in downtown Cincinnati, I’d think, to be fair to people from both sides of the river. Someplace casual, obviously, because, well, I’m a pretty casual guy. And, the place clearly needs to have a good selection of craft beer.

So, do you have a suggestion for me? I really hoping someone does or I might have to resort to a dartboard. More importantly, who’s in? If you happen to have a location suggestion for me, or even better, are interested in coming out, let me know. Post a message to facebook, send me a tweet, leave a comment, or shoot me an email. Heck, send smoke signals if that works for you. I really hope to hear from you. And I promise to provide details as things become clearer.

The Puddinette, of course, thinks I’m crazy. And she’s probably right. It’ll probably end up just the two of us, a few tumbleweeds, and a lot of crickets. If so, that’s okay too. We get along pretty well and can always use time alone.

Come to think of it, we’ll probably be a crowd one way or another. I’m sure I’ll have family on hand and my co-workers are already way excited about the event. One of them has even promised to make “pudding shots” for the occasion. I’m not sure what those are, exactly, but they sound like something I’ll regret.

They also sound like a lot of fun. And that’s exactly what an event to celebrate the arrival of spring should include.

So, who’s with me?


Cincy Winter Beerfest, done proper

I thought it would be a good idea to write a little more about my adventures at last weekend’s Cincy Winter Beerfest, and maybe talk about the actual beer festival some (as opposed to whining about how old and tired I am these days.  I figured that kind of post would be right up the Hoperatives’ alley.  So swing by over there and see what I have to say about the The Line of Doom, a guy a named Peanut, and potential restraining orders!

Oh, and beer too.