A lucky, lazy Saturday

Saturdays around here are typically full of energy.  Kids going hither-tither-and-yon, baseball, games, household chores, etc, etc, etc.

But it rained today.  No baseball, no hither-tither, precious little yon.

We did our weekendly household duties and then even gave the dog a bath.  After that we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon.  I made three-bean salad (I know, I know, but believe me, it’s good), deviled eggs, and big, cheesy hamburgers from a cast iron skillet.

We topped it off with strawberry shortcake.

And then I noticed the sun was peaking out.  Might as well take a few pictures real quick, right?


I thought the sun shining on the raindrops was a nice touch from ole Mother Nature.


Maybe she’s not a complete wench bag.

So, in summary, I had a pretty damned good day.  How about you?


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