A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: The LEGO Movie


Sometimes, when the days of Winter cling to your life like a determined sloth, refusing to mosey off and leave you with even a chilly, damp Spring deep into the latter weeks of March, well, you have to do something to cultivate family togetherness.  That is, you have to do something that doesn’t include the constant fear of the Apocalyptic Bickering and/or Impromptu Remodeling aka (Structural Demolition).

And yes, it snowed here today.  Again. On March 25th.  Baseball starts next week, for the love of all things with kung fu grip! I really think this sort of thing should be prohibited in the bylaws.

Ahem.  I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about snow during Daylight Savings Time. So, um, moving on…

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One Way To Buckle Under The Pressure Of Revision

In my free time this month, the project at hand is the first pass of revisions for Project Tennyson. Which means that every night after our hearthen darling children reluctantly embark on their nightly journey off to Dreamland, I huddle over my keyboard and begin nitpicking my words.

Often times, this process boils down to something like a ten minute internal debate over the pros and cons of using the word “shenanigans” in chapter 4 as opposed to “monkeyshines”. Repeat 100,000 times.

Some writers adored the revision process like a new mother preening over an infant. It’s all cooing and baby talk and “ooohs” and “aaaahs” and “who’s so pretty” and “did manuscript make a poopy in this paragraph? Let’s get that cleaned up nice and neat.”

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Happy (Almost) Birthday. We’d Kill You For You Business.

Everybody likes to get birthday offers for stuff in their mail and/or email.  Especially stuff that’s free. Because, let’s be honest, short of becoming one of those people from that Cheapskates show who might be willing to drag trash cans down to the pond the ducks poop in at the park to draw off a week’s worth of water, your birthday is probably the only time of year you can reliably depend on getting stuff for free.


Well, except for getting sick. You can always count on Peggy McPlaguerson, that one woman who refuses to stay how from work even when she’s so contaminated her face looks like she’s gone twelve rounds with a pack of rabid Leprechauns and who runs to the bathroom at even the mention of the word toast, to be happy to share her viral wealth with you, free of charge.

Everything else in life, though? Gonna cost you something, in most cases a combination of cash and/or pride.

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Foregoing The Usual Birthday Post (Brownie Now!)

Yesterday I was buzzing like a bee, all a-rarin’ to go, and chomping at the bit, even, consumed with magnificent intention to write The Annual Birthday post. I’m sure it would have been full of faux wisdom and charm, and reminders that one’s birthday makes them no more than 24 hours older than the day before. I mean, that’s mostly what I’ve written before, and after four years of blogging, I’m obliged to stick with certainly themes, obviously.

But then my word-spewing engine sputtered a couple of times, hacked out a thick, stinky cloud of black fog, and petered-out*. In a nutshell, I realized that I really kind of didn’t need to ramble off another 500-1000 words about my birthday. Because I’ve pretty much said it all before in a previous birthday posts (see links above) and also, anything new I might have wanted to include was pretty much covered in the 17 syllables I posted on Tuesday.

I guess that’s the beauty of poetry, right there. Finding a way to say what you want to say without travelling the circuitous, winding Road To A Point through the dark, dense Forest of Rambling Words (which may or may not often include a visit from the Amusing Tangent Fairy and/or Oompa Loompas).  Take this post, for instance. I’m still getting to the point three paragraphs in. In contrast, Tuesday’s haiku was a marvel of contextual efficiency.

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Search Terms, Revisited

To the best of my recollection, it’s been something like a geological epoch since the last time I mustered up the courage to delve into search phrases in my web stats. I do this periodically because I have this tendency to use…unusual…turns of phrase in posts form time to time, which Google categorizes with what I can only assume is the same level of delighted glee that can bring a Star Wars fanboy to near critical mass by simply uttering the phrase, “Greedo shot first”.

But poking at fanboy hives with sticks is a post for another day.

Today, we’re talking search terms, and here’s a hand-selected list of actual phrases someone out there (you know who you are. Yes, you, there in the corner with the guilty smirk and the Twix Rabbit plushie) typed into a search engine and hit “GO”. That Google’s magical algorithm—you know, the One That Runs All Our Lives On Earth?—somehow determined my humble website here was often one of the most contextually appropriate places to direct these searches is a mark of high honor for me.

Should I be so honored?  Well, II’ll let you be the judge of that after you’ve read the cream of crop we’ve been blessed with this time around:

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I Have Only One Thing To Say Today


See that? Up there? That I circled? Yeah. Just look at all those marvelous degrees. Seriously, if you added them up, the highs would make TRIPLE DIGITS AND EVERYTHING!

A few weeks ago, you could add up the highs and not get positive numbers.

So, yeah, if that forecast there doesn’t give you a case of the happy dances, well, I fear you actually finally be dead inside. Or just dead. Or a wax statue. At any rate, you’re in a bad way. Best of luck with all that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get out my flip-flops and my sun tan lotion. The weekend looks positively balmy.



A Gluttonous Reward For Finishing That Thing


What’s that gooey pan of deliciousness, you ask?  I’ll tell you, my friend, it’s brownies. A big pan of yummy, just-baked-and-waiting-for-someone-likely-named-Puddin-to-come-embarrass-himself-in-gluttonous-joy, brownies. 

Err, well, a partial pan of them, anyway. The kids obviously executed their right of first refusal.

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An Even Better Hint Of Spring

Today started off a little rough.

Luckily, Wednesday seemed chastened by my hard talk and tough love.

Later, though, I realized that I was being kind of silly. It didn’t matter whether my work computer was in working order or looked like C-3PO after a visit to the Ugnauts on Cloud City. Because today, my friends, baseball came back to us.

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