Monday Morning Mistakes


I had every intention of bringing one or both of the egg-shaped things pictured above with me to work this morning. Because, you know, eggy goodness reasons. I’ll leave it to you to debate exactly which of those two I was looking forward to work more enthusiasm (hint: it was probably the chocolatey one filled with peanut butter, which only makes sense seeing as breakfast was, after all, the meal in question).

Unfortunately, though, my 7:30 AM pre-coffee brain is generally about as effective at remembering to take things with me as a piece of notebook paper is at serving as a flotation device. Which is to say, yeah, I almost forgot to put on pants, let alone take my eggs with me.

Disappointment, thy name is forgotten eggs.

Incidentally, Forgotten Eggs would be a sweet band name. Feel free to use it with my blessing (I’ll happily settle for a paltry 10% cut of gross receipts).

Luckily, try as they might, my children did not succeed at consuming all the eggy goodness before I got home from work. You’ll be glad to know, then, that, yes, I have corrected this morning’s egg-related errors. Rather deliciously, I might add.

Hopefully I’ll do better at remembering tomorrow. Because something tells my the kids are going to win the daily race for Reese’s, and probably sooner rather than later.