Birthday shenanigans

One of the more highly anticipated events of the year for the preschool set took place today. Indeed, the Mini-Puddinette has been talking, and talking, and talking about it for months. Actually, she started talking about it matter-of-factly long before her mother and I even considered the possibility of hosting such a soiree. I suppose … Continue reading Birthday shenanigans


I wrote something along the lines of 1100 words last night, so I am feeling uber short on both words and themes tonight. I therefore implore you to take this advice to heart -- you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. Those words of insight were brought to us by The … Continue reading Self-absorption

Part XI

The day after his trek up and back down the hallway, Thom struggled through the fire doors leading to the library. He managed to make it to the other side without incident and was greatly relieved to find a working prop foot for the massive door once he had it wedged open. It hadn't occurred … Continue reading Part XI

The Deer Hunter

We had quite an eventful weekend here at la casa de Puddin. I already mentioned taking the day off from work on Friday so The Daughter could attend a party while I finished revising a short story; incidentally, the Cyclones won the Kelly Cup. It was good day. Saturday was, surprisingly, even more action packed. … Continue reading The Deer Hunter