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With yellow feathers in her hair

Five years is a very long time, except when it isn’t. Five years ago today, the Puddinette and I went to the hospital for a non-stress test to make sure that the little overdue bundle we had growing in the oven wasn’t overstaying her welcome. That particular bundle had actually been due an entire week […]

Part XII, b

A minute later, he was walking past the counter into the office proper, his search for more enjoyable foods momentarily forgotten. He checked all three desks in the open room, but found nothing but dusty personnel folders, aging memos, an attendance sheet with a long list of names marked “Absent”, and the couple of framed […]

Part XII, a

Thom negotiated the broad steps carefully, coming to a large landing where the staircase turned the opposite direction before continuing to the floor below. He felt immeasurably stronger than when he woke up weeks ago – almost new again, really – but the possibility of toppling over and rolling to the bottom was still very […]