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No, not even Phantom

A week or so ago, the Puddinette was presented with a very special opportunity to see “South Pacific” tonight at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati. Actually, several tickets were available and she briefly wondered if I might be interested in joining her. Luckily, she came to her senses rather quickly and realized […]

Sometimes, Baseball is Life (what I learned from the Cincinnati Reds)

Fifteen years. 180 months. 5475 days. 131,400 hours. 7,884,000 minutes. More seconds than my children, or most of the rest of us for that matter, can truly fathom. The amount of time it takes to have three high school reunions, or raise a child to nearly driving age. It’s been a long damned time since […]

Excuse Haiku #4

Fifteen painful years One swing in the 9th inning National League Champs!

You can keep your case of the Mondays

Monday. The mere utterance of the word is often enough to send people running panicked through streets, like the citizens of Tokyo before Godzilla’s terrifying Atomic Breath. Nobody likes Monday; everybody hates Monday. In fact, a quick glance through one’s Facebook News Feed on a Monday morning can quickly result in a case of the […]

Naptime, FTW*!

Yesterday was largely up and down. I was prodded out of bed early by The Puddinette, although I suppose I’m using the term early somewhat liberally. It wasn’t early. Early is watching the sun lazily creep up over the horizon and giving it the look your Mom used to give you when you pressed for […]

Facebook thinks badly of me

Shortly after I finished writing the award-winning post on how entertained I am by the spam comments around here, I decided to log into Facebook. You know, to live vicariously through some people hopefully a little more exciting than me, maybe update my status with something witty (but more likely cheesy and/or lame), pressure a […]

Puddin and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week*

I woke up last Thursday and the very expensive 56″ inch HD television that the Puddinette claimed was my “Life Gift” (i.e., the last gift I would ever recieve from her) when she gave it to me in 2005 was working perfectly. But then she called shortly after lunch and asked why it was making […]

No Comment

As a rule, Puddintopia doesn’t get a lot of comments on the actual blog itself. Sometimes a posted link will attract a mention or two on Facebook, or occasionally, if I’ve written something that one or the other of my parents identifies with or feels compelled to shoot me an I told you so about, […]

No Internets = I haz anger!!

The puddintopia household went without internet access or a working phone signal from late Friday to early Monday morning. Again. For the second time in two months, which is fundamentally unacceptable. When the geek services I pay for and depend on for both the wife’s and my own employment don’t work, the bluish veins of […]

Excuse Haiku #3

More fantasy drafts Writer dreams blowing by while I pick next; the shame