The McRib Mystery

I feel like Puddintopia posts should attempt to be at least somewhat informative, well thought-out, reasoned, entertaining (if not somewhat amusing), occasionally introspective, and/or, you know, not completely trivial. Basically, I like to have a point that might mean something to someone out there. Today, we will have none of that. As I spent most … Continue reading The McRib Mystery

Holiday Warmth

And so, just like that, the dreaded holidays are upon us again. I know this because: The radio station that plays holiday music from Thanksgiving to January is playing Christmas carols There is Great Lakes Christmas Ale in my refrigerator My family and in-laws descended upon casa de Puddin this week for the ritual roasting, … Continue reading Holiday Warmth

Unusual Days

Today was an unusual day. Once or twice a year, depending on what specific day of the week holidays happen fall on, The Company That Pays The Bills requests that we put in a workday on Saturday in order to get time off later. For instance, if Independence Day is on a Thursday, we might … Continue reading Unusual Days