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The McRib Mystery

I feel like Puddintopia posts should attempt to be at least somewhat informative, well thought-out, reasoned, entertaining (if not somewhat amusing), occasionally introspective, and/or, you know, not completely trivial. Basically, I like to have a point that might mean something to someone out there. Today, we will have none of that. As I spent most […]

Holiday Warmth

And so, just like that, the dreaded holidays are upon us again. I know this because: The radio station that plays holiday music from Thanksgiving to January is playing Christmas carols There is Great Lakes Christmas Ale in my refrigerator My family and in-laws descended upon casa de Puddin this week for the ritual roasting, […]

Black days, indeed

There’s something wrong with the Puddinette. She’s has…um…a sickness. And I’m not talking about your common strain of strep here; I mean that she’s got a real problem, an addiction even. The target of her affliction starts with a ‘d’ and ends with an ‘s’, and it’s not designer drugs or daisy dukes. My lovely […]

Things to be thankful for #3: Beer

I figured since tomorrow was, like, the Big Day for turkey and being thankful and stuff, it might be a good time to write a Thanksgiving-related post on Hoperatives. This may come as a moderate shock to some of you, but there’s a beer tie-in. The key take-away here is that I am thankful for […]

A Thanksgiving PSA from Puddintopia

Thanksgiving cometh. Two days hence, we (at least the greater majority of us since I don’t believe I could possibly have more than a handful of non-US readers) will gather with our families and friends and commit crimes of obscene gluttony upon a poor unsuspecting bird, a generous host of comforting side dishes, and some […]

Gluttony of the punishment kind, with stripes

That was a full-blown travesty. The kind of thing that reaches deep down, grabs you by the cockles, and twists with a repeated clockwise motion until you want to scream, throw things, and cry “Uncle!” all at once. I’m speaking, of course, of that Bengals game. The local NFL franchise, which is purported to consist […]

Unusual Days

Today was an unusual day. Once or twice a year, depending on what specific day of the week holidays happen fall on, The Company That Pays The Bills requests that we put in a workday on Saturday in order to get time off later. For instance, if Independence Day is on a Thursday, we might […]

A limerick following the office Thanksgiving

There once was a blogger named Puddin Who’s office went out for Thanksgivin’ He had so much fun that by evening was done and fell asleep while thinking of writin’

Pork Balls and Politics

Today was a robustly good day. There were accomplishments left and right, and, well, I suppose I could claim to have succeeded at gettin’ ‘er dun. You know, if that was the kind of thing I said regularly. At any rate, today was good and tomorrow at the office we will partake of a hopefully-not-too […]

There’s plenty enough Puddin to go around

So…there are probably some people out there thinking, “Gosh, you’re lazy, Puddin! Where’s the post today? If you aren’t gonna give us 800 words on AAA batteries, at least offer us a terrible short poem or something.” Well, have I got good news for you! Not only did I write a post for today, I […]