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Happy Late Anniversary!

I was planning to take the night off from my typical ramblings, but I remembered something this evening that I decided couldn’t be ignored for even one more day. Namely, that I missed my anniversary. Well, actually, I should say that I missed our anniversary, but it’s alright. I did it with good reason. You […]

The Magic Pizza

I was out of the house last night, just finishing a few late-evening errands that are typical for me after the kids have gone to bed. I was about to head home with a bottle of questionbale vino for the Puddinette and I to share that wine purists would almost certainly turn up their noses […]

Ask and you shall receive

I haz the bestest ancillary family ever.  Within an hour, roughly, of when I published tonight’s post regarding Uncle J’s Best. Pizza. Ever., the Puddinette was speaking on the telephone to cousins interested in delivering the magic goodness in question.  To my home.  At 10:30 on a Saturday night. Tomorrow I will write, likely at ridiculous […]

QIWAT: What’s in the mythical family pizza?

Everyone has what I like to think of as “ancillary” family. No, that’s not meant to be a derogatory term, it’s simply a description of people you’re related to, but not closely. In my view of one’s heritage, that means relatives with whom I share a “great” grandparent or great-great, etc, but nothing closer. I […]

Lessons a novel will teach

I’ve been somewhat remiss in my responsibilities, it appears. As you may have noticed, I’ve yet to turn in that 10-word short story. No, my frogs didn’t eat it. This latest batch of words, well, they gave me a few fits. The good news that I recently worked out an outline that I’m happy with, […]

Meet the critters

Because it’s January 26th, it’s cold and grey outside, and my yard has been covered with the same snow since, um, July, I think, I decided that I needed to write about something light and quirky today.  Otherwise, odds were pretty good my head was going to explode.  I mostly do a fairly decent job […]

Cincinnati’s Image

Just about a week ago, Cincinnati City Council Member Laura Quinlivan asked the public for thoughts about our city’s image.  I had a little something to say on the matter, which ultimately became more than just a little something. I wrote a post all about Cincinnati and beer, and it’s waiting to be read, right […]

A limerick for completing something you feel strongly about

Tonight I wrote a Hoperatives post, a little more serious than most. I hope you’ll agree when it’s published to see, so then we can share in a toast!

Little moments, bigger steps

Even a seemingly random, inconspicuous Monday in late January can mark interesting events. Usually I’m just happy when I make it through a Monday, because that’s the most active evening of our week. When I finally get everyone to and from everywhere they need to be, the dinner mess cleaned up, and the kids in […]

A follow-up of questionable value

I imagine everyone is likely waiting on pins and needles to find out how I feel about the bargain soda, now that I’ve had an opportunity to sample it. Since I hate to disappoint, here you go: in my very questionable opinion, Big K Cola “OH” really ought to be labeled Big K Cola “OMG, […]