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A few bits, very quickly

As you can probably tell already from tonight’s award-winning limerick, I don’t have much time this PM to let my fingers wander the keyboard like a toddler in a candy store.  Because of an unusual Thursday night hockey, my evening goes dinner-time, toddler-time, bath-or-shower-time, bed-time, and then straight to game-time.  In days long past, I […]

A limerick in honor of the atypical Thursday night hockey game

Tonight I’m a hockey playin’ fool, which is odd; usually Sunday’s the rule And because of the game there’ll be no post; how lame! And what’s worse? On the ice I’m a tool!

I got lucky…in regard to beer

I was fortunate enough to be invited to my Hoperatives friends’ house last week for a beer tasting. They gave me tasty appetizers and free samples of beer and all I had to do was rate them (I brought brownies too). I thought the beer was the best part of the whole thing, but as […]