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A limerick for fiddling with a website theme

Tonight Puddin edited his theme, which was much harder than it would seem. His weak image skills brought anything but thrills, and in the end had him ready to scream!

Changes and stuff

Unless your browser cache is lying to you about what things look like around here, you should be saying, “Whoa, changes!” right about now.  In other words, I started playing with the blog theme. I think I kind of like this one.  The individual floating boxes seem cool, right?   The mast-head banner definitely needs […]

A musical abomination, Part I

Apparently, today is Tuesday. All day, in fact, as my mother used to tell me when I was still a schoolboy content to spend his January afternoons with Legos. Speaking of which, I feel compelled to mention that my old-school Lego products were better than today’s toys, by far. You could make anything you wanted […]