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Meet the critters

Because it’s January 26th, it’s cold and grey outside, and my yard has been covered with the same snow since, um, July, I think, I decided that I needed to write about something light and quirky today.  Otherwise, odds were pretty good my head was going to explode.  I mostly do a fairly decent job […]

Cincinnati’s Image

Just about a week ago, Cincinnati City Council Member Laura Quinlivan asked the public for thoughts about our city’s image.  I had a little something to say on the matter, which ultimately became more than just a little something. I wrote a post all about Cincinnati and beer, and it’s waiting to be read, right […]

A limerick for completing something you feel strongly about

Tonight I wrote a Hoperatives post, a little more serious than most. I hope you’ll agree when it’s published to see, so then we can share in a toast!