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Pimpin’ the goods

What’s the worst thing about being a kid? Is it the evil compulsory consumption of peas? Or could it be having an apparent lack of control over your own life while simultaneously being force-fed unpleasant and wholly unnecessary concepts like responsibility, which are reinforced with the regular cleaning of one’s room and putting away of […]

Captain Congestion

I am quite sick of it, thank you very much. Indeed, I have had all I can take and if something doesn’t change very, very soon, I do believe I’m going to lose it altogether. Seriously, this stupid cold/sinus/congestion thing I’ve had going for the better part of a week has gotten on my last […]

Will business travel for barbecue

I’ve come to the realization that there are few things in life more rewarding than returning home from a business trip. The kids are always happy to see you and offer warm, enthusiastic greetings as if they might have actually missed you or something. The wife, who, because you abandoned her and your four children […]

Bucking the President’s Day tradition

I should probably take this opportunity to wish a happy President’s Day my flocks of adoring, err, extremely tolerant readers. So, then, Happy President’s Day. I hope everyone observed the holiday in the usual and accepted fashion, by purchasing a mattress at a reduced price! Tell me, how did your mattress shopping go? We didn’t […]

Some assembly required

My appointed task this afternoon was the assembly of a brand-spanking-new adjustable basketball goal for the older boys. Actually, to be completely honest, while it is absolutely new and was still in the box until just this afternoon, we’ve really had it for two months. Santa brought it for Christmas, but didn’t have the decency […]

A wedding reception haiku

Went to a wedding Bud Light was the offered beer Yes, bourbon, thank you!

Like it’s Nineteen Ninety-Nine

The weather widget on my desktop PC told me it was 64 degrees outside when I got home from work today. Sixty-four degrees. Fahrenheit. On February 17th. I don’t know about you, but where I come from that’s a sign of full blown chaos. Sweet, warm, wonderful chaos. I suppose there’s a chance it means […]

Cincy Winter Beerfest, done proper

I thought it would be a good idea to write a little more about my adventures at last weekend’s Cincy Winter Beerfest, and maybe talk about the actual beer festival some (as opposed to whining about how old and tired I am these days.  I figured that kind of post would be right up the Hoperatives’ […]

Jung* would be proud

Guy’s Night. The very phrase is enough to bring consternation to even the most secure woman in a commitment relationship. In fact, it ranks only behind Mother-in-Law and Bachelor Party in the list of phrases likely to get a lady’s fret and/or irk up. For dudes of a certain age, though, middle aged guys with […]

Picture Haiku: The Weekend Excuse

The Beerfest did rock But by Sunday, there was…wear No words for Monday!