Cheesy goodness

Since I spent the past two days checking out the view from high atop my soapbox, I thought maybe I should just go ahead an plan to write the next few posts on education, immigration, and tax policy, respectively.  That way I could feel pretty confident about alienating just about everyone out there, one way … Continue reading Cheesy goodness

Excess sodium, exthoxylated mono and diglycerides, and dicalcium phosphate, yum!

I’ve lately come to realize that I’m developing an issue with food.  You can relax, though, Mom.  I haven’t started binge eating Fun-Sized Snickers bars or snorting squeeze cheese. Although, I do expect someone will eventually be the subject of an episode of Intervention for just that. No, my issue with food is actually much … Continue reading Excess sodium, exthoxylated mono and diglycerides, and dicalcium phosphate, yum!

Egg, egg, egg, ham!

I don’t know about you and yours out there, but we’ve had quite the busy day.  Of all the holidays, Easter always seems to me to be the most energetic and hectic.  Sure, everyone dreads Christmas with the shopping and the stress, etc, but all that is usually spread out over the course of several … Continue reading Egg, egg, egg, ham!

Leaves of grass

I walked outside this weekend to inspect my barren dirt and was shocked and elated to find tiny grasslings sprouting up through the brownness.  Admittedly, at the moment my few sparsely protruding blades of fledgling grass aren’t even impressive enough to resemble the hairs on Pig Pen’s head, but that’s okay by me.  Because what … Continue reading Leaves of grass