It’s all my fault

Do you remember when I said something about trying to grow grass?  At the time, I was secretly hoping that we’d get some rain so my yard of potential greenness would be remain damp without me having to

  1. get off my lazy behind and water
  2. pay for said water.

So, last week, I happened to notice some growth, finally.


The growth, of course, gave me delusions of grandeur.  I figured that if it just kept raining, well, surely eventually my yard would be the envy of the neighborhood, right?


Yeah, well, in my hurry to hope for enough to rain to bring me a lush lawn that would make the Jones shake with envy, I forgot one thing.  Continuous rain isn’t always just a good thing.


So, a new project then. I’m thinking of building a big, wooden boat. Anyone know where I can get two of every animal?

PS: Sorry about all the rain. You can blame me, I kind of asked for it.


One thought on “It’s all my fault

  1. I just love all your pretty pictures. Mrs. Osbourne would be so proud! However, Grandpa Puddin would just tell you are cheating!!! 🙂


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