The Free Day

I assume I am probably in the minority here, but I really feel that of the 3-day weekend most US Residents are enjoying at the moment, today is the bonus day.  I’m sure there’s a contingent of people rolling their eyes and wondering exactly when I fell off the turnip truck and lost whatever sense … Continue reading The Free Day

Epic Adventures

So.  Ever wonder what happens when a self-righteous beer connoisseur decides that the time has come to expose his neighbors to the joy of something craft brewed?  Last Friday I took a took a half-gallon growler of homebrew (brewed, fermented, and bottled with my own hands) across the street to a pool party.  Yep, the … Continue reading Epic Adventures

The Great 3-Way Prologue

Just about six weeks ago, I posted a request for volunteers. I was looking for people that met three criteria: a love of Cincinnati three-ways (the chili dish, not the social encounter), a (mildly) adventurous nature, and the ability to correctly employ the words “there”, “their”, and “they’re” when writing Somewhat to my own surprise—mostly … Continue reading The Great 3-Way Prologue