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3-Way Thursday: Blinded by the Garlic

[Pudn’s note: I’ve known echoamy for, um, well, actually, I don’t know her.  I’ve never met her.  But she was the first person to volunteer for my crazy 3-way Thursday plan and I’m thrilled to have someone so enthusiastic on board.  Not only does her opinion as an actual native Cincinnatian now living in the […]

3-Way Thursday: I wish I were in Dixie, Chili that is.

[Pudn’s note: I’ve known the author of this 3-Way post, Brooksy, aka Mark, for the better part of almost twenty years.  I worked at the retail chain that Dustin Hoffman said sucked in Rainman; Mark dated (and later married) someone who was close friends with someone else who worked there.  Come to think of it, I don’t really […]

3-Way Thursday: High Stakes

For me, the stakes seem particularly high with this month’s 3-Way Thursday location, Dixie Chili.  It’s one of the “Familiar Four”, the 4 brands of chili I’d eaten at some point before our hunt for the perfect 3-way began.  While I’ve not  made regular visits there through the course of my life, I know that […]

3-Way Thursday: Come for the chili. Stay for the philosophical debate

[Pudn’s note: The author of this Puddintopia contributor post, Crankybear, aka Tom, is actually the ‘Tom’ half of Tom and Carla, the couple that created and maintain  He’s the one who rather infamously offered me the chance to ramble incoherently over there from time to time instead of wasting all my rants here.  I was […]

Cast your vote for OTR, help preserve history

I know I mentioned this the other day when I wrote my guest post for Paul Daugherty’s blog on, but it occurred to me today that I never said anything on Puddintopia about the “This Place Matters” Community Challenge being run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  So, while I have plenty of […]

Everybody’s working on the weekend

I was the envy of all my co-workers on Monday.  While they toiled in the dark, cold, pitiless salt mines of modern employment for a crust of stale, moldering bread* and the ever-important health care package, I lounged at home with nary a responsibility to anyone but my family.  I took yesterday off because, believe […]

Monday Morning Miniature: A Weekend Haiku

Rocks, festivals, pics A weekend of punishment Still, though, all good times

Labor is hard

A little hard work is supposed to be good for the soul, right?  My younger brother has apparently taken the condition of my soul to heart, then, because he asked for my help Saturday to put up a fence around his backyard. As you can probably guess, when it comes to doing any task that […]

What’s in a name?

Baseball season has finally come to an end. At least, it has for my two oldest sons. They got their first mitts, learned a thing or two about fielding a grounder and holding a bat, and looked forward to the snack at the end of each game.  Of course, the torrential rains we saw this […]

On changing seasons and starting holy wars

So, according to the calendar posted in the office for tracking our conference room use, it’s officially summer now.  For the record, I’m glad that particular calendar is hanging there, because although I have little use for the conference room itself, I’m always glad to know things like “it’s the first day of summer”, “crap, […]