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Indulgences and Photo IDs

The weekend is upon us—and there was much rejoicing! Before the bell rings and you’re all dismissed, though, I have two important things to mention. First, I appreciate that you guys have been indulging me in the random flash fiction lately.  You’ll notice that there’s a new one today, “To the Victor, the Spoils”.  As […]

Random Fiction – To the Victor, the Spoils

Rory sighed to himself and made another slow circuit around their dingy living room.  This particular tour of it brought the number of laps to 12,317 since the last time he left the apartment.  He paced because, well, he really had nothing better to do. Rory, or “R.A.W.R-E” (Robotic Assault Warrior/Recon, series E), had been […]