Flight Haiku

Since I have nothing interesting to write about today, I figured I'd post a haiku.  I wrote it Wednesday on a plane (can you tell?) on the way home from Chicago. Given the flight's length, a haiku was just about all I had time to write. Anyway, I'm entertained that is as close to a … Continue reading Flight Haiku

A triumphant return. Well, a return, at least

Hey, I’m back!  I hope everyone enjoyed Puddintopia Guest Week 2011. I know I did.  For me, there were topless beaches, frozen coconutty rum drinks with tiny pink umbrellas, swim-up bars, and quiet sunset dinners. Oh wait, I’m confused again.  That’s a tropical vacation.  I don’t really go on tropical vacations these days.  Instead, I … Continue reading A triumphant return. Well, a return, at least