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The trouble with (ornament) tribbles

If you read Monday’s post, you obviously know by now that we put our holiday decorations up over the weekend.  If you haven’t ready Monday’s post…why not?  Go ahead, here’s the link, do it now.  We’ll wait. *waits* *waits* *waits longer* What? It’s a long post. I wouldn’t anyone to feel rushed. So, anyway, yes, […]

The Great Holiday Decorating Saga

The Puddinette, like all of us, has a few inviolate rules.  Socks never go on the kitchen counter, no matter how clean.  Clothes that have been sullied by the air of the dirty outside world may not come into contact with the delicate, pristine inner sheets of one’s bed.  You don’t wear holey pants to […]

Thankful for ALL THE THINGS!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night! Wait, I might have mixed a reference in there or something.  Honestly, I’m too tired to really care anymore.  It’s getting late. The turkey has been brined, roasted to juicy goodness and devoured.  The fixin’s have all come and magically disappeared.  The kitchen has been […]

Mass confusion, clockwatching, and the day before T-Day

I’ve been messed up since Tuesday.  For some reason, the kids have Wednesday off, the day before Thanksgiving, which means Tuesday was their last day of school for the week.  As if they need that extra day to get stuff ready or something.  Conversely, I have a list of something like 6,237 things need to […]

The shoe, revisited

Remember a few weeks ago, that post about the weddings and the photo booth and my shoe?  Yeah, this one. Well, the bride and groom recently returned from their warm, adventurous honeymoon.  And while those of us not traveling the world have been burning with the envy of a thousand suns because they went someplace […]

The Bengals keep disappointing me, in a good way

Yay! Monday!  Well, OK, maybe that’s a little too much.  I mean, it is drizzly and kind of cold and hella overcast here in the Queen City this AM, which is an awful lot to deal with when you’re looking at a new work week too.  But, it’s a short work week for many.  So […]

Proof positive

Friday evening, after assigning my printer the unenviable task of printing out the entirety of my manuscript, I tweeted and posted this comment to facebook: Turns out a 414 page manuscript is a hefty stack of paper when you print it out, even double-sided. In other news: my printer hates me That earned me some […]

Revising a novel: Two steps forward, one step into the Pit of Humiliation

Occasionally someone will ask me how the revisions are going on the novel, and may even politely wonder when I might let someone peek at it.  Well, as you can tell from the graph to the right, I finally made it through all 45 chapters.  Does that mean the first revised draft is finished? Well, […]

I don’t share well, but it’s not my fault

It turns out I’m not much of a role model for my kids.  Somebody apparently needs to teach them how to share, because it seems I’m not so good at it.  Granted, I’m only talking about the sharing of beer here, and rare, special ones at that.  In my latest post for Hoperatives, I explain […]

Nine years later, he’s getting older, I’m just getting old.

Believe it or not, today is the Puddinpop’s 9th birthday.  Nine.  One less than 10.  Which means that this time next year, he’ll be in double digits and I’ll have been a parent for a decade. I’ve haven’t held the same job, driven the same car, or lived in the same house for 10 consecutive […]