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Tunes Test Tuesday: Manic Street Preachers

This one’s been in the works for a while, and I apologize for not getting it done in a more timely manner last week.  I’m pretty sure I’ve said this about most of the TTT posts already, but when I chose the Manic Street Preachers, I had absolutely no idea how deep the well would […]

Living underwater, every day

Rule One was to just breathe normally. Rule Two was to remember to have fun. For something as complicated as S.C.U.B.A*, with all the hoses and gauges and that big, heavy tank, you’d expect maybe a few more rules than that.  Like an entire rulebook that reads like stereo instructions or at least one of […]

When Life gets all, “WHAT?”, give it 10 Reasons

The past few days, I feel like I’ve been constantly try to catch up to that "normal" spot in the schedule of life.  Too many plates in the air, all perilously close to hitting the ground in an impressive symphony of shattered ceramic, and I’m only just barely grabbing them and chucking them back up […]

No music today, but check out my wood!

So it’s Tuesday, right?  Time to stop rambling about…socks (?) or whatever…and make with the weekly music post. Really, I’m thinking maybe that whole socks thing wasn’t the cleverest moment in my writing adventure.  In fact, maybe I should bounce ideas for these posts off of someone, anyone, once in a while.  Even a mostly […]

Sockless Saturdays signal success

As mentioned in Saturday’s impromptu post (with actual photographs!), ice happened over the weekend.  As I generally have no interest in seeing whether or not I can replicate Tony Hawk-ish 1080-degree spin in a motor vehicle, I took it as an opportunity to not go anywhere unless absolutely necessary. Yes, I do realize that the […]

Ice fell and the world stopped

When I fell asleep last night (note I didn’t say went to bed), the world outside was wet and foreboding, much like that giant log flume at the amusement park when you were 5. When I woke up this morning, everything last thing as far as the eye could see was encased in ice.  It […]

So, I wrote a novel. Whoopee. Now what?

First off, “whoopee” is a strange word.  It looks strange.  It sounds strange.  Say it with me, “whoopee”…”whoopee”…”whoooopeee”.  See?  Hardly  seems like a word.  I even had to check online to make sure I had it spelled right.  Thank goodness all that anti-SOPA blackout stuff is and wikipedia were available. Anyway, so, yeah, it’s […]

Limerick II: Return of Limerick!

There once was a fella named Puddin who wanted to breathe, but he couldn’t. Stuffed up in the head, he longed for his bed, so here’s the only post that you’re gettin!

Piracy might be bad, but SOPA is worse, MMMkay?

If you’ve stumbled here to Puddintopia today, it’s probably because half of the good sites you usually go to on the internet have gone dark as part of a mass demonstration to SOPA.  S.O.P.A, if you were aware, is the Stop Online Piracy Act currently being batted around in Congress. SOPA is both foolishly simple […]

Tunes Test Tuesday: The Joy Formidable

As opposed to the previous acts for Tunes Test Tuesday posts, I had no idea what to expect when I went looking for trakcs by The Joy Formidable.  Someone on Twitter suggested them to me when I first asked for recommendations (thanks!), and  I chose it one for this week because it came with the […]