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Leap Year: the day that never was, but probably should be.

Happy Hump Day!  Err, I mean, Happy Leap Day.  Or, um, wait, can a day be both leap and hump?  I feel like either we’re doing something here that defies both the Newtonian and Einsteinian physical models of the universe, or worse, something that one’s mother shouldn’t find out about. Maybe let’s keep it on […]

Dreams, determination, and the Pinewood Derby Tank

“I want it to be like a tank,” he said, face alight with eight year-old glee.  “And I want to paint it with camo.” A tank. My son, Mini-Me, held a rectangular block of pine in his hands, undoubtedly envisioning his combat-ready pinewood derby racer as it screamed down the track, blasting opponents out of […]

The Novel Query (or, How NOT to get a prom date)

So it’s come to this, finally.  Two years ago, I wrote this post about a guy waking up by himself.  Now, nearly 25 months and 97,434 words later (well, a lot more than that, actually, when you consider revisions), I finally have the novel I always swore to myself I’d write and try to get […]

Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and (not) making that obligatory sacrifice

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday.  I largely let it slip past without observation this year, which is kind of unlike me – I’m not one to overlook any excuse to relax and do a little good-natured partying.  Granted, Mardi Gras isn’t exactly a core tradition to someone mostly German and Scotch-Irish, but, hey, I’d celebrate Guy […]

A brief time-out for personal stuff

I know, I know.  You find my lack of posts this week….disturbing. Like I said last week, sometimes Life just flat doesn’t cooperate, and when that happens, well, let’s be honest, it isn’t like this is my first responsibility. Long story short, the Puddinette had minor surgery yesterday.  Now, don’t get all worked up, it […]

A little more on Waiting, plus (bonus) Breaking Dawn, Part I

The Puddinette, being wise and smart and, well, Just. Plain. Awesome, pointed out to me last night that I had unintentionally trod upon ground long ago surveyed by Dr. Seuss.  The good doctor, by the way, is a personal hero of mine.  And I don’t mean like, it’d be kinda cool if he gave me […]

The waiting is the hardest part

I spent most of yesterday waiting for a particular piece of news.  After I got the kids to bed last night, finally, I got the call that my newest niece had been born after a day of labor, and everyone was doing well. Obviously, hooray for that. Today, though, I find myself waiting for something […]

A Puddintopia Valentine

Courtesy Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite. In fact, for years I was a card-carrying member of the Valentine’s-Is-A-Stupid-Corporate-Trick-To-Sucker-You-Outta-Cash Club.  Back in my lonely bachelor days, I figured it was all an insidious plot to make me feel like a huge loser because all my friends were off having fancy dinners while I was treating […]

Tunes Test: The Tallest Man On Earth

Before I really get going on this week’s music meanderings, I feel compelled to point out that I’ve removed the “Tuesday” from tunes testing around here.  After several weeks of it, I think it’s apparent that Tuesday was wishful thinking at minimum, and straight-up make believe in practice.  I really love writing the new music […]

How a beer and a haircut are like Reese Cups

I saw an newspaper article yesterday that, well, wait…is it still a newspaper article if you only see it on the interwebs doohickey and never actually see it in newsprint?  I mean, it’s still in a newspaper somewhere, right, even though I never saw it?  Or is this some “if a tree falls in the […]