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I can’t Draw Something, can you?

Unless you live under a rock somewhere out in the wild extremes of Big Sky country where things like electricity and the internet are concepts every bit as whacky and futuristic as teleportation devices and aliens with ray guns, odds are good you’ve heard of Draw Something.  It’s the latest fad to hit the social […]

It’s Lent, and you know what that means

Fish Friiiiiiiiies! Oh, yeah, um, and the subdued, thoughtful preparation for Easter via personal sacrifice and contemplation. But mostly the ever-important Fish Fry.  At least here in the greater Cincinnati area where, on Friday evenings, it seems like the whole area is shoveling down breaded fish and hushpuppies (blessedly deep fried in the same oil). […]

*Bing* You’ve Got Mail

Mail has always kind of been A Thing with me.  When I was but a grade school whipper-snapper, I signed up for one of those cross-country pen-pals just so I might get the occasional piece of pseudo-meaningful correspondence.  He lived in California and his letters always came in envelopes with that blue and red striping […]

Tunes Testing: The day the music, er, well, took a short leave

Since I’ve been getting pelted about this by several of you—and by several, I mean, well, nobody, really—I thought I should come right out and address the issue.  Dude, what’s up with the Tunes Testing, (none of) you asked? Frankly, nothing’s up with it. Admittedly, I haven’t done a very good job lately of keeping […]

This weekend, by the numbers

5 – Number of processed, frozen, chopped, formed, “breaded” fish sticks eaten Friday.  Um, yay, Lent. Or something. I guess. 4 – Number of children spoiled with post-Sunday dinner spring evening Icees. 3 – Number of nights of falling asleep in my recliner for an hour or so before shuffling up to bed.  Err, well, […]

Reason #316 Having Kids Rules: NCAA Tournament Exile (or, My Wildcat Conundrum)

In roughly an hour, the University of Kentucky Wildcats will be tipping off against the Hoosiers of Indiana University in a NCAA tournament rematch of the only regular season game UK lost this year.  As a nearly* lifelong resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it’s obligatory that I watch the game and cheer the cats […]

The changing of the seasons, Batter Up!

Yes, the weather has already been discussed, covered, hammered into the ground, and beaten to death for a season just a handful of days old.  We all agree: it’s oddly warm for this time of year.  That’s that, then and now you can relax.  I’m not going to ramble on and on and on and […]

Winter’s over. Hoping to breathe this spring? Um, yeah, about that…

Just in case you didn’t noticed, yesterday was still winter…and a bone-chilling 80-ish degrees.  With the hypothermia threatening, we were forced to do what most people do in winter, we slept with the windows open.  Uncomfortably, mind you, as I kept waking up from dreams that I was working in a steel smeltering works. Thankfully, […]

We’re sorry, Puddin can’t answer the blog right now

*static* *static* *hiss* *click* Hi, you’ve reached  I’m sorry I have nothing interesting to offer you today, but I spent my day at a customer site for work contemplating their problems rather than titillating post topics to bring you a smidgen of insight and (potentially) a few idle chuckles.  We apologize for the lack […]

From the archives: Green Tasteless Beer (a poem for St. Patrick’s Day)

I posted this Seussian poem last year for St. Patrick’s Day and figured with the 2012 version being on a Saturday, why not repost it. I hope you enjoy this one as much I did writing it. I do not like green, tasteless beer Just do not pour that, Sam, my dear I do not […]