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Surviving the Weekend of Doom

Weeks ago, when I first noticed this past weekend on my calendar, I raised an eyebrow.  And when that plus the subsequent glare of suspicion didn’t clear away any of the events squeezed onto those two blocks of dates, I shuddered. Saturday: 1 overnight Cub Scout campout + 1 Little League baseball game + 1 […]

Saturday Debate: The NFL Draft

In case your arm has been trapped beneath a rock for the past 48 or so hours and this is the first thing you’ve read after sawing yourself free with a pocket knife (because, duh, who doesn’t check Puddintopia first thing after a little DIY amputation), The NFL Draft got underway Thursday night with all […]

Summer movies in 100 words or less (3x)

I was planning a pointed-yet-topical post today to give voice to an issue that we all give too little thought to these days (and no, that subject is not “Is flame-broiling really a bunch of marketing BS or what?)  But I spent all day at a customer site and then 3 hours at a little […]

Gypsy Psychic Eyeballs and the Worst Saturday Wake-Up EVER

Sometimes I get this urge to write about Important Things.  Like what?  Well, I suppose complaining about McDonald’s and discussing the (potentially overwritten) emotions that accompany the occasional steps my kids take towards growing up might qualify. I don’t know why, but today feels like a something Important day. I should post topical that’ll make […]

Saturday Debate: Doritos Locos Tacos

Image from Taco I’m busy today with weekend things, house stuff, and Little League baseball.  Therefore, having little time to deliver the usual nonsense, I thought I’d just throw out a discussion topic and let you go at in the comments. It’s with great pride, then, that I give you (the inaugural) Saturday Debate […]

A movie in 100 words or less (3x)

This is not going to come as big news to regular readers, but I like movies.  I even used to like to go to the theater to see movies—and still do, for the popcorn if nothing else—but you know, $10 a ticket and concession prices inflated a thousand percent makes the risk of dropping serious […]

No Fiction Prize (a poem for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction)

Oh, readers dear, oh, readers dear There’ll be no fiction prize this year! No fiction prize this year at all? No; we simply could not make the call. We were not sure about Train Dreams, perhaps it needed laser beams! Swamplandia! —it could not win. A ‘gator theme park? Pretty thin. The third, you ask? No, […]

Gone fishin’ with the boys

When we were younger, my older brother hated to go fishing with me.  Nonetheless, two or three times every summer, we’d go together anyway.  Of course, we’d inevitably choose the most sweltering day of the year, when eggs fried in their shells long before they even got close to the sidewalk. So with our too-shaggy […]

A lucky, lazy Saturday

Saturdays around here are typically full of energy.  Kids going hither-tither-and-yon, baseball, games, household chores, etc, etc, etc. But it rained today.  No baseball, no hither-tither, precious little yon. We did our weekendly household duties and then even gave the dog a bath.  After that we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon.  I made three-bean salad (I […]

The McDLT revisited: The hot side was hot, the cool side was cool, and both were unintentionally hilarious

As I was trolling facebook the other night—and by trolling I mean hitting ‘F5’ constantly in the desperate hope that someone would validate my life choices via status update—someone I went to high school with posted that she’d finally realized that in addition to being not particularly good for you, McDonald’s isn’t really, you know, […]