A movie in a 100 Words: The Rum Diary

I'm flat-out itchy (in a completely safe and non-creepy way) to watch the latest Underworld movie, Underworld: Awakening, because Kate Beckinsale, duh, Kate Beckinsale in shiny black pleather, ooo!, I loves me some vampire/werewolf shenanigans, and Historically, my taste in motion pictures is entirely questionable I wrestled with the idea of plunking down the $5.99 … Continue reading A movie in a 100 Words: The Rum Diary

Moving on

When I first began working on what would eventually become Famine, I had no idea what may or may not come of the effort.  I certainly wasn't expecting it to become a full-fledged novel by any stretch of the imagination.  That I ended up there, I suppose, is a combination of good luck, perseverance, and, … Continue reading Moving on