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A momentary break from destruction

I was glad to see that world was mostly still in one piece when I got up this morning.  That said, though, the images all around us from Monday night and today are, well, pretty damn staggering.  Sandy made landfall and left a mark that I’m not sure even Godzilla could live up to.  And […]

Five things I will NOT be doing on Halloween night

I’ve made little effort to hide the fact that among all the various holidays recognized, celebrated and or honored by various cultures, social goups, etc, on Earth, Halloween is totes my absolute fav! Yeesh!  You know what… I’m sorry, I can’t even leave that alone.  Sure, I might have only been trying to be silly […]

Weekend Debate: Chewing Gum

I’m a pretty lucky guy.  Among the multitude of reasons I have for saying that is the fact that I work in the kind of office environment that doesn’t stand too much on formality.  When the doors are closed, when it’s just my department, we have a lot of laughs.  Admittedly, many of those laughs […]

We should all just want to be loved…is that so wrong?

In general, I try to avoid writing two consecutive posts about the same topic.  I mean, I guess I got a little wound up when I first started talking about the whole running business and no one could get me to shut up about it for a days.  But, hey, it’s my blog.  And besides, […]

Lessons from the Query Trenches

Before I go any further, I need to make something very, very clear.  The rules for actively querying a book are roughly equivalent to the rules for Fight Club.  Rule #1: You do not talk about Querying.  Rule #2: You Do NOT talk about Querying. I could go on.  Now that I think about the […]

Weekend Debate: Send in the Clowns

What do two birthday parties for four year-olds and an elementary school festival have in common? Well, other than the fact that these are the activities that are effectively filling my weekend with a tsunami of near constant activity? Two words: clowns. Wait, that’s only one word. Creepy-ass clowns, then.  Close enough. Thankfully, I wasn’t […]

Thursday obviously means beer time

Well, no so much for me, at least from a consumption perspective, because I have to run early tomorrow morning.  And if there’s anything I’ve proven to myself so far, it’s that late night beer drinking + early AM running = Massive Ugh.  But that’s okay!  Because what I really meant was that today’s a […]

NaNoWriMo Whoozy Whatzit Now?

No, you don’t have to say Gesundheit.  NaNoWriMo (typically pronounced “nan-o-ri-mo”, or by occasionally “nan-o-ree-mo”) is kind of an abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month.  Although, really, I though abbreviations are supposed to be, you know, short.  But whatever, I’m not going to nit pick. So, what is this National Novel Writing Month thing?  Well, […]

Happy Birthday to The Attitude

Today is a very special day. Four years ago exactly, The Attitude joined our family. As befits his nickname, his arrival was not without incident. And here we are, four years later, with a marvelous, hilarious, occasionally quite obstinate young fellow whom I wouldn’t trade for all the graduates of the Mrs. Manners School of […]

Weekend Debate: Taking a week off

After much consideration, I decided not to offer a weekend debate this weekend.  For one, we had the Vice Presidential debate last week and two more Presidential debates still to stomach endure come in the next few weeks.   So I think we can all take a break from the debating of nonsense topics, just this […]