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A Triumphant Return to Blogging (or…blinking in the sunlight after a month of NaNoWriMo)

*tap* *tap*  Is this thing on? Check.  Check 1.  Check 1-2.  Chuck.  Chuck Toast. So, um, hello!  In case you don’t seem to know me, or in the more likely case just can’t remember me, I’m Puddin. I mostly do all the nonsense rambling around here. Well, at least I used to.  I’m sure you […]

A limerick for post-Thanksgiving NaNoWriMo guilt

There once was on a NaNo-ing word-monkey whose Thanksgiving was clearly quite lovely. But when they’d devoured all the bird, t’was time to write catch-up words, or his novel’d be cooked like his turkey!

A haiku for the lack of blogging (again)

I remember well the lazy pre-NaNo days; my blog’s golden age.

It’s a big day, and big days call for…muffins

See that?  It’s a muffin.  More importantly, it’s my muffin.  The Puddinette made it.  For me.  I mean, mostly for me.  Or, well, kind of for me, in the sense that they’re really for the Puddinpop, who turned 10 years old today at some ungodly stupid hour of the morning. I think it was like […]

A quick check-in and a NaNo update

Contrary to popular belief, no, I’m not dead.  But I’ve been writing my fat, stumpy fingers down to tiny little still-chunky nubs in the past two weeks while working on my NaNoWriMo novel.  As I promised before, new posts by necessity have had to be back-burned.  Hopefully you’re all still getting a daily supply of […]

A haiku about the sudden, recent lack of embloggination

Blog thoughts float like leaves Lost in a tempest of words NaNoWriMo reigns

Getting it done, sick as a dog

I’m sick at the moment, and it sucks.  And I don’t mean my  typical, “holy cripes that dude needs to be committed because he’s more wrong in the head than Robin Williams” sick, or the  occasional, “OMG, that did you see that guy break his arm while  attempting that 1280 Double Nooner with a front […]

Weekend Debate: The Dreaded Hiatus

Now, I know what you’re thinking: here it is Sunday evening, the Bengals have already given us their weekly demonstration of how to be not quite good enough, the weekly family dinner is hot and steaming on the table, and yet, I’ve offered you absolutely nothing in the way of this week’s Weekend Debate. Well, […]

A quick running update

That is, a quick update about running. I haven’t got much time for the rambling or the nonsense or the, well, blogging in general today, but there’s this thing that I wanted to mention to everyone before the weekend. This morning, Friday, at the sometime shortly after proctology o’clock, I ran five kilometers.  Consecutively.  Using […]

An open letter to friends, family, and loved ones at the start of NaNoWriMo

[Not sure what I’m talking about with this whole NaNoWriMo thing?  That’s National Novel Writing Month, a fun nerve-wracking game delusional writers (including me, apparently) like to play in November.  You can get more information here, and hey, why not check out my first post on the subject?] Dear Your Name Goes Here, By the […]