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Being a parent means feasting on crow

If you have any plans to one day produce progeny of you very own and possibly even raise them, there are a lot of things no one is going to tell you.  Sure, just about everyone – especially your parents and the parents of your significant other – will be delighted for you and will […]

A movie in 100 words or less: Your Highness

Sometimes, you end up awake much later than you intended, whether it’s because one of the kids are sick, or you’re sick, or you just can’t sleep, or the gremlins in the walls won’t stop with all the damned racket, or well, [insert insomnia excuse here].  Whatever, you get the idea.  Traditionally, whenever I find […]

The Puddin Family Post-Christmas Gift

Behold, the newest addition(s) to the Puddin-family collection of electronic devices.  Well, or at least behold as well as you can from the image below, given that it’s shaky-blurry-terrible like it was taken by a toddler in the midst of an F4 tornado: Now, image quality notwithstanding, I know what you’re thinking: Puddin, that’s an […]

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good…adaptation (or two)

Being Christmas day, the Puddinette are I, and of course all the puddinlings, are hanging out with extended family and making quite merry. Santa was very good to everyone, and there’s been quite a flurry of gifts changing hands all afternoon. A fabulous dinner is in the offing, (one of those belt-busters, if you know […]

My strange fixation on demanding wintery weather explained

Just in case you don’t get why I’ve been moaning, whining, and complaining all month about the overly warm, non-wintery weather, I give you three easy-to-understand reasons why I’ve been pining for the holiday lead-in days to have a little chill. Reason #1: Reason #2: Reason #3: Smiles like those can’t be faked, people. You […]

Postcards From the White Apocalypse

This morning, boys and girls, your friendly, neighborhood Puddin woke up and was thrilled to find that the Mayans, despite all the doubts and rhetoric, nailed it. What?  Oh, no, clearly all that “end of the world” business was 100% pure, unadulterated bunk from the word “Go!”.  Or whatever the word “Go” is in ancient […]

Cruddy, Cranky Crud-bombs at the End of the World*

Today your typically affable, witty Puddin will be played a little bit more Walter Matthau than usual. I’m feeling more than just a tad cantankerous today.  Partly because a peek out the window is currently yielding lovely visions like this: Okay, so it’s not exactly a peek out the window.  This is the internet age, […]

Things seen outside my window, Monday Edition

Wondering what I’ve been doing with myself today? Or why I seem to have been scarce? Don’t worry, I’m fine. Just, you know, busy. Busy doing what, you ask? Well, here’s a hint? I took it this morning while winging my way in a north-easterly direction for work. Bonus points to anyone who can identify […]

Weekend Debate: Rudolph Car Decorations

This is by no means a new topic of complaint around here, but if you look at the picture to left, which I grabbed barely a moment ago from my desktop, you’ll see that the high temperature today is supposed to reach 54 degrees.  That’s Fahrenheit to you and me, Russ. Oh, also, the sun […]

For when there just aren’t any words

[Author’s Note: I should probably include a little context here, because otherwise this post doesn’t make the most sense.  For the record, then, if you’re wondering,  I wrote this one the day this awful thing happened.] I was planning to write something today.  I don’t remember what it was now.  Probably something trivial.  I imagine […]