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Because this fiction business got me kind of curious

After yesterday’s navel-gazing bonanza of “Wow, Ma! Lookit all the posts I wrote in the past three years!” I got to thinking about the short fiction pieces.  Specifically, I realized that while there was a pretty steady sprinkling of that kind of stuff when I first got started and followed into 2011, there otherwise hasn’t […]

Three years ago today, I went a little crazy. And I think I rather like it

Three years.  36 months. 1096 Days.  That’s how long it’s been since I finally returned to the blog I began in 2002 and mostly ignored until 2010.  That’s how long it’s been since I decided that I was going to either prove I could be a writer, or I was going to shut the hell […]

The (dreaded) Mandatory Science Fair Project

Many people have regular nightmares. Not me. I tend to sleep like the dead and rarely dream anything I can remember at all.  What I do, however, have, are very clear, almost tangible, utterly terrifying memories that accompany the dread words “Science Fair Project”. These, of course, are my own memories of having to produce […]

Running Cold: Climbing back onto the horse (and freezing)

Sometimes it’s more apparent than others that I was never a Boy Scout.  No, not even a Cub. Yesterday was one of those days. Rather foolishly, I made a public commitment to slip those fancy running shoes of mine back on and get back out on the pavement.  10k races, let alone half marathons, don’t train […]

A Shelf Complete and The Quest for Recommendations

Many of you have asked about the space I had waiting for A Memory of Light since I made such a big to-do about having my Wheel of Time shelf on the bookcase complete.  There didn’t see to be a ton space there, did A Memory of Light fit? Or did it have to be […]

The (slacking) Runner’s Confessional

There are few things more motivational than publicly making a grand, almost ridiculous claim (for instance, “I’m going to run in a half marathon in the next 18 month“) and then failing to back-pedal away from said claim with excuses of, you know, the usual stuff: drunkenness, concussion, mind-alter drug ingestion, or temporary possession by […]

Why I wish I wasn’t working today (not because it’s Monday) and other items of note

As is typical for a Monday, I’ve got lots of things running through my head today.  Some are thoughts informed by tidbits from the weekend past, like that final few crumbs of a morning muffin that gives just a hint of the enjoyment had previously.  Mmmm…double chocolate chip muffin. What?  Chocolate is too perfectly acceptable […]

Weekend Debate: Fake Girlfriends

Odds are pretty good that unless you live in some kind of drafty, dark unheated cavern—which is unlikely given that you’re reading an online blog at the moment—you’ve likely heard something about Manti Te’o.  If you haven’t, let me sum up: the guy played linebacker for Notre Dame, was the runner up for the Heisman […]

It’s that Magic Cookie time of year

This isn’t the first time I’ve said it, and it probably won’t be last, either, since my beautiful daughter, the Princess Puddinette is only seven years old and has many years of Girl Scouting yet ahead of her.  But, still, it bears repeating: there’s something monumentally unnerving about Girl Scout cookies.  Seriously, the things have […]

Stopping to smell the flowers, err, hop aroma

Have you ever noticed that everybody nowadays seems to have lists and lists of stuff they’re actively checking-off  to feel like they’re, you know, accomplishing those ever important “life goals”?  There’s the pile of books you just have to burn through because everyone says that they’re each, respectively, the best thing since Snooki’s book*; there’s […]