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A Tale of Two Potato Chips

It’s apparently a repeating pattern in my life that something that starts innocently is ultimately destined to end up hovering around the patently ridiculous. For instance, tell me after just having a baby that “it’s really cool being a parent”, and somehow I’ll deduce that if that’s true of only one kid imagine the benefit […]

So, the Oscars happened last night

Full disclosure: I didn’t actually watch the Academy Awards last night.  For one thing, I had a hockey game, and strangely, recreational beer league hockey in Northern Ky hasn’t yet affiliated itself with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. surprisingly, then, they didn’t have the Academy Awards on at rink.  Even if not […]

Posts from a plane: A day trip to New York City

I suppose the title of this post is, among other things, terribly misleading.  While I did go on quite the day trip on Thursday, calling it a trip to New York City is about as accurate as saying spring is mostly here.  I mean, spring is almost here but that “almost” ignores about a month […]

A limerick for a cold, still-winter night

Our Puddin, he oft did perspire, little warmth did he usually require. So when his wife whined of COLD “Oh, you’re daft,” she was told. After a glare, guess who started a fire?

I was mostly offline all weekend. Somehow I survived.

I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be wholly absent from the internet for something ridiculous like three entire days.  Seriously, three days of being mostly offline is akin to, I don’t know, going down in a bi-plane crash in the Congo in the 1920’s or something.  Which is to say, everyone will assume you’re […]

A Puddintopia Valentine’s Day Haiku

Roses are, um, redViolets are…oh, screw itPoint is, I ❤ you I hope everyone manages to have a great Valentine’s Day, whether you buy into the commercially driven love-fest or not.  Whatever you do—and whatever your, um, situation—why not use today as an excuse to live life like a rockstar.  Just, you know, maybe without […]

A movie in 100 words or less: Flight

I had myself a conundrum last Saturday night.  One the one had, I had the Blu-ray for Flight at home, which looked all tempting and stuff.  I mean, for one, it’s Denzel.  Plus, everyone said, “This is a good movie”.  Seemed like a risk-free way to spend my Saturday.  On the other hand, though, I […]

Questions I Want Answers To: Do popes get exit interviews?

In case you missed it, word on the street is that Pope Benedict XVI, who rocks a not-unimportant role in the view of the world’s one billion Catholics, woke up yesterday with a bit of a case of the Mondays.  But where the rest of us have to deal with the start of a new […]

The Pope just resigned? This calls for a limerick!

There once was a pontiff in Rome Who labored beneath St. Peter’s dome But he grew old and gaunt and said, “Screw it; I do what I want!” Then retired to his sweet summer home.

In defense of that pedestrian grilled chicken sandwich

Everyone’s done it, right?  You agree to go out for lunch on Friday with your office peeps, but only after looking deeply into that bathroom mirror and swearing to yourself on your honor, your children, your mother’s immortal soul, and all things bright, shiny, holy, chocolaty, or alcohol-laden that you absolutely Will Not Eat Like […]