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Project Macaroni Status: Complete. Achievement Unlocked!

Huzzah! After two longs months of toiling daily in the word mines, reeking of coffee, weakness, dark chocolate, candy-coating, bourbon, flop sweat, and doom, I have finally, finally finished the first draft of my latest novel, codenamed Project Macaroni. How can you believe me, you ask? Especially as I’m known to make stuff up on […]

Taste great, less filler (with Bonus! Chips!)

If you’ll recall—and by recall I mean “click this link”—way back in February, when the world was dark and gray and the icy breath of Old Man Winter made us all want to crawl inside the nearest disemboweled Tauntaun corpse just for a pittance of warmth*, I played along with Lay’s potato chips game. They […]

Making filler posts…like A BOSS!

As you may or may not know (depending on how many f#&@s you happen to give about what I do with myself…which I realize is likely closer to 0 than any other number), I’m roughly 15,000 words and 6-8 chapters away from finishing the first draft of the novel bearing the codename “Project Macaroni”. As […]

Things In My Garage because Things In My Brain

I’m afraid I’m lacking both the available brain waves and the necessary time to write a blog post that isn’t either utter nonsense or the random vomit-age of gibberish syllables. The mean reason, of course, is, well, you probably know the reason. It starts with “I” and ends with “have eight chapters of novel climax […]

A Limerick To Warn Against Following Me On Social Media For the Last Weeks of Drafting a Novel

I’ve come to assume that it’s doubtlessYou’d prefer that my posts were word count-less.I should just be condemnedBut hey, look, M&Ms!Man. The suck of this limerick is boundless!

The next greatest thing

Since the moment I started stumbling along the path to becoming America’s Next Top Model a (someday) published author back in 2010, one of the most awesome things about the journey has been hitting new and ever more exciting highs along the way.  For instance, eighteen months or so ago, one of the beta readers […]

An encouraging conversion with a 10 year-old

While in the car this evening on the way to the  first practice of fall baseball—because baseball is awesome, yo; also, a significantly lowered likelihood of childhood concussion is, yanno, a good thing—I had a conversion with the puddinpop that led me to believe there might, in fact, be some hope for the future. *cues […]

Top 5 Things I’d Do If Time Were Limitless

You might have noticed that I spend a goodly portion of my time here either not being here, or writing posts here that include at least a sentence or two referencing the fact that the 24 hours each day I do have are already stuffed to the gills like the proverbial penniless grad student after […]

A movie in 100 words or less: Zero Dark Thirty

I don’t know why I waited nearly two whole weeks after the Blu-ray for Zero Dark Thirty arrived at the house to drop into that tray and press play. Part of me wants to blame the fact that the film is two and half hours long, and, well, at my age, ain’t nobody got time […]

Look, I read a book: Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed

I’ve been struggling with fantasy novels lately. For reasons that I largely suspect lie smack dab at the crossroads of It’s Not You and It’s Me, I just can’t get full invested. I read a chapter or two and then I kinda go, “meh” and start looking for kitten memes on the internet*. I’m apparently […]