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To NaNo, or not to NaNo?

Since the beginning of the month—well, more precisely since I wrote this post—I’ve been plague by the question titling this post.  Should I or should I not fling myself out of the proverbial perfectly good airplane without a parachute on Friday with all my other lemming friends?  That is, should I take off my helmet […]

Haiku advice for NaNoWriMo participants

How to win NaNoStart to write; stop for nothingRepeat 30 days

Questions I Want Answers To: Where are we getting all these delicious pumpkins?

At this point, we’re 25 days into October. That’s 25 days of being surrounded, saturated, completely inundated with seasonal products boasting the much-beloved—and at this point ubiquitous—“pumpkin spice”. In fact, pumpkin spiced “stuff” has become such a bedrock of October (especially) and parts of November that I imagine most of you, upon reading those words above, immediately […]

What’s that next book about?

By the time you read this, I will have updated the bar widget to the right that tracks progress on my current novel-in-the-making. Instead of a happy, fully-filled stripe of, uh, (burgundy? firebrick? maroon?) some shade of darkish red, there should now be a sad, empty white box where the color needs to go. With […]

Help me pick a book, Internet

It’s Monday, and our weekend was filled to bursting with Doing All The Things That Families with Kids Do (plus hockey). In other words, at the moment I’m tired, sore, tired, headache-ridden, and (did I mention?) tired. What I’m saying is that bedtime tonight is going to be about as welcome as a barrel of […]

Cincinnati Chili Enthusiasts Should Calm The Hell Down

If you happen to live or work within a roughly 300 mile-wide radius around Cincinnati, OH and found yourself wondering yesterday or today where that strange warming heat was coming from, well, it came from here.  See, Deadspin posted an article ostensibly ranking the regional foods of the US from best to worst.  And, well, […]

Photographic Evidence Proving October is the Best Month

I was planning to do the usual rambling about something or other today, but when I went outside to play with The Attitude this evening, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the clouds blanket the falling sun.  Thus, I give you reasons #817, #818, and #819 why October is inarguably the finest month of […]

A movie in 100 words or less: Much Ado About Nothing

So, one Thursday night in the not so distant past (specifically, 11 days ago) I was sitting around in a post-jog evening daze, contemplating shoving dark chocolate M & Ms down my throat until I could taste each individual color. I was kind of bored, see, and pretty uncertain what to do with myself. The […]

Landing Your Dream Agent in One Easy Step

Earlier today, I put the last few words of revision into the manuscript for Project Macaroni and sent it off through the ether to my agent. For the foreseeable future I will try to forget about it while she reads through and determines which parts of it are decent—potentially even saleable, one hopes—and which parts […]

Thirteen Years and Counting

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who think 13 is an unlucky number and should be avoided like giant hornets lest bad things occur, driving you to sink into the Pit of Despair, Pennilessness, and Wailing People who totally heart the number 13 and plot out eccentric plans to celebrate their […]