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A Peachy Day for Penguins

My weather app this morning rather brusquely informed me that only a penguin could possibly like what was in store for today, so I took that as a bit of free advice. The app wasn’t wrong, but at least I had these guys to keep my feet warm and stylish. If only I’d had a […]

Livin’ on Bishop Time

Spent the better part of my evening tonight at Middle Son’s Confirmation ceremony, which wasn’t half bad, as far as Monday night religious gatherings go that don’t involve worshiping an oblong pigskin. But the Bishop gonna talk for as long as the Bishop wanna talk, without much regard for my sock-picture posting schedule. Luckily, though, […]


I happened to put on a gray shirt this morning, and as I perused my sock drawer, nothing jumped out at me as being quite perfect. That is, until I came across this black and gray argyle pair which made a perfect match with the monochromatic theme I found myself accidentally rolling with. Which is […]

Rockin’ my Krusty the Clown socks today which seemed like a pretty good fit for a Saturday. Fun fact, I can’t look at these or even think “Krusty the Clown” without hearing that distinctive laugh in my head. Interestingly enough, the Puddinette, who found this pair for me, probably has no idea what Krusty’s signature […]

…Of Mice And Men

When I put these fantastic puppies on this morning, I had every expectation that my workday would culminate in a glorious Happy Hour. Nothing fancy, of course, but the sort of thing where one or perhaps even two pints of hoppy deliciousness are enjoyed with the company of friends and coworkers in celebration of the […]

A Simple Perfection

Tonight I happened to be wearing the right socks at the right time for the right evening game. I don’t know what else you’d call it, if not just a little bit perfect.

Shunning Superlatives

You may not know this about me, but I have an extremely difficult time settling on subjective superlatives. Like clockwork, any time anytime asks me what my favorite, well, anything is, I tend to freeze up quicker than a 17 year-old Buick outside Fargo in February. Favorite Movie? Uh. This’ll be easier; how about Favorite […]

Modern Art Clueless

Sure, today’s socks have a bold splash of purple, but that stilldoesn’t mean I’ll ever truly understand modern art.

… And Suddenly Everything Is Right

After I posted Work Tunes last week, the Puddinette was minorly aghast because while she loved the record player socks, the state of my aging, worn, brown shoes was apparently just plain sad. Thankfully, we have Amazon these days to address our sad footwear situations without requiring anyone to step on cursed metal foot sizer […]

Maddening Simplicity

Went with a simple pair today, but now that I’m looking at the picture, it’s kinda driving me a little bit crazy. The color rings ought to have a pattern, but I’ll be damned if I can find one. It looks like a color-blind electrician went to work and now nobody can tell what’s hot, […]