Weekend Wind Down

Smoky likes to kick off the weekend by taking the stuffing out of his friends. I'm content to let him fish out the squeaker while I contemplate Spring, and how a tropical drink in a coconut could source up this drizzly, cold February afternoon. Time to pick up some rum, I think. Anybody got a … Continue reading Weekend Wind Down

Oh, Canada!

I traveled to the Great White North and back today, and while there I managed to learn about the magic of Lay's Ketchup Chips (not to mention the original version of All-Dressed) and also take this shot of my not-quite-Canadian Canada socks. Sure, I could have gotten a pair of socks with actually maple leaves … Continue reading Oh, Canada!


I got to make up for yesterday's somewhat more restrained "approved for customers" stripes with the wacky jigsaw pieces I'd been waiting for. And now we have definitive proof that Tuesday > Monday.

Work Dictates

Had to visit a customer site today. While they doesn't specifically call for lame socks, it does kind of require something on the more respectable side of the fence. These black striped puppies rep'd me just fine, even though I was dying to wear a pair of wacky jigsaw pieces or something. Which just goes … Continue reading Work Dictates