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Woven To Perfection

I wouldn’t have guessed had you asked my opinion 10, 5, or even 1 year ago, but today I find myself thinking that, yes, the world –especially my world — has been in much need of red, white, and blue basket weave for far too long. It may not ever be the perfect pair of […]

Ollie Had A Heap Of Socks

I almost wore a different pair today; I actually had them in my hand with the magic Drawer of Plenty already closed behind me. But before I put them on, something gave me half a second’s pause, and in that moment I changed my mind. Going back to the Drawer, I replace that with pair […]

Venom-less Variations

I put these on this morning because it was dark and Monday and I was tired and they matched what I was wearing…even as monochromatic as they are. Looking at them now, though, I’m struck by the angled pattern of the stripes. Pretty sure I’ve worn a similar pair before, but seeing them on my […]

Coffee and Doughnuts

Sunday calls for doughnuts. I wasn’t about to let it down. And now I want a cruller.

Ten Days Late And Right On Time

As it turns out, I had yet another pair of Valentine’s Day socks hiding in my sock drawer. That might have been somewhat inconvenient if not for the fact that Middle Son had another archery tournament today, making a pair of anything with arrows suddenly quite appropriate. Were the hearts maybe a smidgen over the […]

Weekend Wind Down

Smoky likes to kick off the weekend by taking the stuffing out of his friends. I’m content to let him fish out the squeaker while I contemplate Spring, and how a tropical drink in a coconut could source up this drizzly, cold February afternoon. Time to pick up some rum, I think. Anybody got a […]

Oh, Canada!

I traveled to the Great White North and back today, and while there I managed to learn about the magic of Lay’s Ketchup Chips (not to mention the original version of All-Dressed) and also take this shot of my not-quite-Canadian Canada socks. Sure, I could have gotten a pair of socks with actually maple leaves […]

Argyle Verbena, Private Eye

I wore these today not only because I have developed a deep and abiding love of argyle over the previous seven weeks, but also because I had Work Things I needed to look professional at this evening. Having done all that, I came to realize this afternoon that the splash of Limon Green at the […]


I got to make up for yesterday’s somewhat more restrained “approved for customers” stripes with the wacky jigsaw pieces I’d been waiting for. And now we have definitive proof that Tuesday > Monday.

Work Dictates

Had to visit a customer site today. While they doesn’t specifically call for lame socks, it does kind of require something on the more respectable side of the fence. These black striped puppies rep’d me just fine, even though I was dying to wear a pair of wacky jigsaw pieces or something. Which just goes […]