Eggs Benediction

I'm not sure who's having the best Sunday afternoon here -- me in my brunchy egg fried socks, or Smoky, crushing hard on a mid-Sunday afternoon nap atop a pile of his favorite stuffed friends. Either way, everyone photo'd here is thoroughly enjoying a little leisure afternoon time, the benefits or which can simply not … Continue reading Eggs Benediction

Arrows and Arrows

Middle Son had an archery competition today, which called for arrows. Lots and lots of arrows. He nailed his highest score for the season, so now I'm worried these are a good luck charm and I'll need to wear them again. Definitely going to have to find another arrow pair for future competitions.

It was close to 70 degrees at one point yesterday, so imagine my irritation today when the temperature dipped close to 30. In an act of subtle (not to mention largely pointless) resistance, then, I sought to choose a pair of the most tropical socks in my drawer. It came down to two pair (the … Continue reading

Not Even Close

To round out the 2018 Puddintopia Valentine's Day Sock Collection, I give you this pair featuring hearts shot through with Cupid's projectile of choice. Shown here alongside my favorite Valentine* and her own heart-laden foot apparel. And if that don't blow yesterday's Adoarability Quotient out of the water, I dunno what would. *buffalo wings are … Continue reading Not Even Close

Puppy Dog Hearts

As promised, here are your first hearts for the week. But even as adorable as this pair of socks is, it pales in comparison to that puppy face practically begging for playtime. Don't worry; he got it. I am, after all, not an actual monster. Mostly.

Desperate For A Floral Accent

Had a hockey game tonight, and with 4 days to Valentine's, nothing made more sense to me than to wear these dashing multi-colored roses. Because you can't call yourself truly secure in your masculinity until you've worn socks that look like Grandma's curtains into a locker room.