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Belated Blog Posting

I fell asleep early last night, halfway through the Rock’s Jumanji, and totally forgot to post yesterday’s socks. These are them, in all their multi-colored, diamond shaped glory. Now, I could have worn red socks yesterday, because it was Opening Day for the Reds, but as far as I’m concerned, Reds’ Opening Day is always […]

Here We Find The Reclusive Code Jockey And His Socks…

A colleague visited me at my office today, which is a pretty rare thing as I tend to shy away from people and interruptions, preferring to instead toil away in relative solitude. But! A key side benefit of having said co-worker drop by for meeting is included above. Since pretty much everyone I know – […]

Pontificating On Purple As The Puppy Plays

Purple has always been my favorite color, and tearing the stuffing out of things is apparently Smoky’s newest favorite hobby. Here we are, then, both enjoying things we like – me with my socks and him with a poor, shapeless shell of a bear.

Argyle FTW

If nothing else, there’s one thing I can say for certain came as a result of my disturbing fascination with my socks in 2018: I heart argyle. If I’d been pressed to guess at the start of all this what my new favorite general pattern would become, I’d have likely gone with paisley or something. […]

Pastel Inversion

Dots! Stripes! Forest Green toes and heels! I don’t know what these are supposed to evoke, but I dig them. They kind of remind me of a pair of Easter socks taken in photo negative. Come to think of it, how cool would it be if I dropped a surprise pink-yellow-light-blue version of this pattern […]

I Can’t Even Look At You Right Now

It seems like Fridays and Sundays are the likeliest of days to break out the most novel of my novelty socks. Today’s hamburger-hotdog-sideoffries socks pretty much crush “peak novelty”. Now that I’ve had a day to think about it, though, I should have saved these for one of the grill-centric holidays of the approaching warmer […]

All The Nerdy Reminiscing

I can’t decide if these remind me more of the “City Lights” cutouts from that one Homecoming dance, a circuit board, or playing Ms. Pac-man (which any reasonable video game enthusiast will admit was objectively the best of the Pac-Man games). They kind of look like the inside of the Death Star too. Regardless, they […]

Or Nacho Cheese

Pretzels! It’s Friday, and if you can’t see how Friday is begging for pretzels socks, well, maybe funky socks just aren’t ever gonna be your thing. That said, would anyone mind passing the mustard?

When Do They Become Swans?

I’m not sure who came up with this design. I’m not sure green stripes and orange stripes and red stripes and…pink (?) is a combination even The Joker would seriously have contemplated. Like, clowns looked at these in the store and were like, “Uh, maybe not. Better stick with the crimson nose and 18-inch lime […]

Springtime, #LotsOfSocks, and World Down Syndrome Day

It was the first full day of Spring today, and also World Down Syndrome Day, which, in case, you, like me, had no idea before 7:30 this morning, carries with it the theme #LotsOfSocks. The idea is for people to wear them some crazy, colorful socks in an effort to get other people to notice, […]