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Smoked Socks

In honor of pulling the cover off my makeshift smoker today, I decided the perfect choice today would be meat socks. Eww, no! Not socks made of meat. That’d be gross. Also, a perfectly good waste if delicious delicious meat. No, I meant socks with a pattern of delicious meat stuffs. They were, of course, […]

Expectations Assembled

Socks for Cap. They matched my shirt. Truth be told, though, I’ve always been a bigger fan of Iron-Man. Thankfully, sides no longer matter. Not pictured in the foreground of today’s selection: the screen rolling credits for Avengers: Infinity War. It was everything I hoped it would be. My only complaint is that I won’t […]

Infinity Socks

I am so ridiculously excited about the release of Avengers: Infinity War (and getting to see it tomorrow), I had to represent with today’s sockage. I don’t have any actual Avengers socks, sadly (because, well, movie licensed stuff ain’t cheap, yo), but I felt pretty good poppin this pair of planets. After all, Thanos, the […]

A Tale Of Two Socks

The longer I do this, the more I begin to realize that the socks I seem to feel most favourably about aren’t necessarily the wackiest, zaniest things in the drawer. Instead, I find myself drawn to solid, common patterns done in a fun, different color palette. Like these. The pattern is all business, but the […]

Stained Glass, So Special

Not just anybody gets to wear socks that look like stained glass, but I do. I mean, well, anybody who buys a pair gets to wear them, of course. It’s not like they’re super exclusive or hard to get our anything. They aren’t a first issue Spider-Man or a Delorean or anything. But I got […]

Tuesday: The Day The Socks Forgot

Yesterday was a busy day. Busy enough that I forgot to post the Tuesday’s sock post, but thankfully not so busy that I overlooked taking the picture altogether. Better late than never, right?

Monday Demands Color

And I wasn’t going to disappoint it. I put on my yellow shirt this morning, because, by the Eight Gleaming Sky Turtles, it’s nearly the end of April and I’m about ready for a little perky Springtime action. Instead I got a day full of grumpy ash-colored clouds and the occasional shower. Nevertheless, I felt […]

Schooled By A Master

I was pretty pleased with today’s selection, because everybody gets the value of a good brunch on Sunday, right? And, obviously, the cornerstone of any brunch is eggs and bacon. Of course, we enjoyed chips and salsa and sizzling fajitas at a cool Mexican joint after church today, but that’s neither here nor there. In […]

Lizards and Lacrosse, oh my!

I got a chance to get out and bask in the sun for a bit today during my son’s lacrosse game. Accordingly, I figured it’d be a good time to let the lizards on today’s socks bask on the bleachers a little bit themselves. We all enjoyed a dose of vitamin D and my son […]

Happy Birthday Socks

Today my oldest friend turned another year older, and while he is more than happy to claim that he only turned 36, you and I both know that he’s actually only a month younger than I am. Which is to say, not only is he my oldest friend, he’s literally my oldest friend. He’ll likely […]