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Haiku Two Ways (About Socks)

Inconceivable! Five whole months into ’18 Without sock haiku A dawn glance in err Not ladybug socks as thought Two-tone spots still win

When The Ambien People Say No…

Sometimes Wednesday calls for a crazy pattern like a gleeman’s patchwork of colored squares. Oh, and then demands a new pair of shoes. That Wednesday was today. Any questions?

In Honor of FC Cincinnati’s Big Day

Unfortantely, I wasn’t able to attend any of the rally/party events in the city today to cheer the announcement that Cincinnati’s amazing pro soccer club, FC Cincinnati, will begin playing in the MLS in 2019. Mostly that’s because I’m old and lame and have too many things to do to be playing hookey on a […]

Mayhem, Memorials, and Monday

I wasn’t exactly certain what was appropriate for Memorial Day, seeing as it has grown to mean many things to many different people since the first Federal observance in 1868 (following shortly after the Civil War). But I figured it’s hard to go wrong with the Red, White, and Blue, so I leaned into that […]

Third Time Is The Charm

It takes either a special kind of bravado or a special kind of dumb to claim you’re going to wear a different pair of socks every day for a year and then lean so intensely into one subject that not only do you wear it three times that year, you showcase it three times in […]

Man’s Best Friend

I haven’t had a chance to post today’s sock picture until now, which is amusing since it’s 1 AM. In other words, “today’s” socks are actually yesterday’s, but since I’m not asleep yet, it’s still today and not yet tomorrow as far as I’m concerned. Why the delay? Because my not-quite year-old lab puppy has […]

Honor Thy Holiday Weekends

I might have gone on and on about the “which day today is” socks this week, but I think we should all be honest for a second. There’s really only one day of the work week that matters, and day is Friday. Of course, while that’s true 52 weeks of the year, it’s exponentially true […]

Molding The Future

And here we are, at last…Thursday. I have chosen to commemorate the day by wearing minty grey stripes and spending some quality evening time on the back patio with Youngest Son. Incidentally, YS has determined and subsequently informed me that a good summer project would be to manufacture cool-looking soaker-style water guns for sale. However […]

Waiting Games

I’ve always thought of Thursday one of the best days of the weekend. Sure, it’s not Friday just yet, but it’s the last day you’ll have to cope with it not being the weekend which gives it a special, relaxed sort of vibe. Wednesday, on the other hand, is not Thursday and not half as […]

Taco Tuesday

Need I say more? No, seriously, though, it took me until almost the end of May? This was some low-hanging fruit! I’m kind of embarrassed.