The Right Cookie

Youngest asked me recently if we could make some cookies, and I can't ever say no to that request. Since his grandparents were stopping by for dinner to eat grilled walleye from Grandpa's last fishing trip, today seemed like the perfect day to get out the chips. Instead of chocolate chips, though, we broke out … Continue reading The Right Cookie

Royal Foot Covers

Those Royals got pretty lucky that I had a pair of Union Jack socks in the drawer to plan a wedding around today. I was, obviously, a little uncertain when an invitation never arrived, but, then, there was a whole ocean for it to cross and everything. That's okay, I'm sure they'll get me next … Continue reading Royal Foot Covers

In Defense Of The Mail

After barely managing to posts last night's epic snorer (because, no lie, I kept falling asleep as I was attempting to spit out whatever thin, half-baked context I'd come up with to make it seem as if yesterday's socks had some thematic relevance to Life in a grander sense), I was accused -- rightfully, I might … Continue reading In Defense Of The Mail

Stark Contrasts

Without any further ramblings, I offer you today's delightful blue, black, and grey plaid print. As they're a pretty solid match for my high school colors, I might actually even have to hold on to these as one of the ten or so pair I'll be keeping after the end of all this 2018 tomfoolery. … Continue reading Stark Contrasts

Surrogate Stimulation

You might roll your eyes at this one, but at 6:30 this morning, I was largely of the opinion that it was Too. Damned. Early. to have to deal with cascading alarms, and worse, sluggish teenagers. But that's really not uncommon for a day starting with M, so diagnosing my problem wasn't terribly difficult. Solving … Continue reading Surrogate Stimulation