Super Stars Socks

Today I got to sport Starmen on my feet, which was fortuitous as it was the first day you could get one of the newly released NES Classics. (Believe it or not, I actually didn't know about that Monday when I coincidentally declared this Old School Video Game week.) So, as I was wearing Starmen, … Continue reading Super Stars Socks


I was pretty giddy when the Puddinette acquired a pair of old-school Mega Man socks for me, and doubly so when I realized I could fit them neatly into Old School Video Game week. Thankfully, but not surprisingly, I'm totally not alone in recognizing which socks are just solid, and which ones are fundamentally kick … Continue reading MEGA!


Luckily the longest day of 2018 was just a few days ago, giving me enough daylight still today at 8:30 PM to capture this shot of the moon with space shuttle socks in the foreground. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty pleased with it. That goes for the socks too, which you can … Continue reading Moonshot