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At Least Match The (Marketing) Season

When I plucked these from the Drawer of Holding this morning, it was once again too early and I was once again bleary-eyed, which made me believe they matched the rust-and-tan shirt I put on. For the record, that particular shirt is my “fall colors” shirt, and one could argue that August 30th is too […]

Goodnight, Mr. Roboto

After a nice (but kinda late) evening last night at the pitch and then a few hours after that criss-crossing Tamriel (that is, playing Elder Scrolls Online), I had to drag myself out of bed this morning mentally and physically. I then spent the better of the rest of this morning and afternoon meandering around […]

A Haiku For When You’re Too Tired To Properly Address Arglye Socks

School’s In. Work all day. Soccer goes late. Love it. But. No words for argyle.

A Few Pups Shy Of A Pack

Because I am perpetually a day late and a dollar short, I just today realized that yesterday was apparently National Dog Day. Now, before you start wagging any fingers at me for neglecting this poor dog, I’m going to be 100% honest with you: based on the attention-levels and treats consumed by Mr. Smoky, basically […]

Hulk Smashes Superhero Sunday

These are the least “Hulk” Incredible Hulk socks — or any article of clothing — I’ve ever seen. But I don’t think I’ve worn any other Hulk socks of any kind so far this year, so I’m just happy to have these at ant rate. I believe they turned out to be quite a (Hulk) […]

Equal Time For Villiany

Since I went with something heroic yesterday, I figured today deserved a dose of equal time. Admittedly, the Star Wars prequels robbed the most imposing movie antagonist of all time of a good deal of his menace, but I’ll always remember Darth Vader as an 8 year old after the release of Empire and being […]

Hey, Listen! Holding Out For A Hero

I decided we needed some heroism at the end of the week, and well, there are damn few things more heroic than the Legend of Zelda. Today’s socks sport the Wingcrest, first to appear in the Ocarina of Time. Speaking of the Ocarina of Time, ask me about that later when you’re looking for dirt […]

Lines Of Nonsense

There’s an old Saxon proverb that says you can tell a lot about a man based on the color of his stripes. Probably also that you should 0never trust a man with socks of many-colored stripes on a field of gray” because I totally just made that up. The proverb, that is. I made that […]

High On Socks

Sticking with a pattern again today. I guess these are technically argyle, maybe? I dunno. I could use a definition or a little help from the judges on this one. What I am sure about is that these are NOT Denver Broncos socks. I say that because nobody likes the Broncos unless you can smoke […]

Haiku For Seeing The Colors Wrong At 6:30 AM

Triangles on foot Believed they were red on black Sun proved me the fool