Goodnight, Mr. Roboto

After a nice (but kinda late) evening last night at the pitch and then a few hours after that criss-crossing Tamriel (that is, playing Elder Scrolls Online), I had to drag myself out of bed this morning mentally and physically. I then spent the better of the rest of this morning and afternoon meandering around … Continue reading Goodnight, Mr. Roboto

Lines Of Nonsense

There's an old Saxon proverb that says you can tell a lot about a man based on the color of his stripes. Probably also that you should 0never trust a man with socks of many-colored stripes on a field of gray" because I totally just made that up. The proverb, that is. I made that … Continue reading Lines Of Nonsense

High On Socks

Sticking with a pattern again today. I guess these are technically argyle, maybe? I dunno. I could use a definition or a little help from the judges on this one. What I am sure about is that these are NOT Denver Broncos socks. I say that because nobody likes the Broncos unless you can smoke … Continue reading High On Socks