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Living Woodstock’s Best Life

Following yesterday’s feeling-good-about-things post, I figured a pair of feel-good socks were in order to the day. And there’s just not much that gives me more of those kinda feels than Woodstock, Snoopy’s pal from Peanuts. I mean, everyone can use a little more Woodstock in their lives. And if you don’t know what I’m […]

Fall Saturday Afternoon Got Me All…

Well, like this. No lie, I think the leaf pillow makes the picture. Wouldn’t have been the same without it. And, yeah, I gotta agree with the bicycle socks; for a couple minutes there, life was pretty danged good.

Boom! Clap! The Fall And My Socks

It’s been a pretty explosive week on a fairly large scale out there, and I really felt I needed some way to represent that on my feet this morning. I mean, that’s basically been the MO for 2018, but it made me pretty happy that the Puddinette scored me a pair of fireworks a few […]

A Poor Attempt To Sock Limerick

There once were some socks from today That I just couldn’t put back away With both stripes and some dots I liked the colors a lot And…I just don’t know what else to say

The Last Argyle?

I caught myself feeling pleased with today’s socks at some point this afternoon and realized then that the various colors and patterns of argyle have undoubtedly been among my favorites of the many different types I’ve worn these past 269 days. On the heels of that thought, though, came another, more striking one: these might […]

Because Sometimes 17 Won’t Do The Job

I was basically convinced this afternoon that it was going to be haiku, one after another, from here until December 31, because, no, really, I get 3 times the likes from haiku for some reason. I mean, they’re not even, like, really that good for haiku. But I put on a pair of star-patterns this […]

A Haiku For Things That Make Sense When Nearing Bedtime

Late night; matched the throw With checked socks, purple and blue Life: finding patterns

Smugglers: A Pair Of Star Wars Socks

I broke down and signed up to watch Solo last night after missing it at the theater. I honestly meant to catch it on the big screen, but if I’m being honest, summer is busy and not all the things can be done. Unfortunately, this year, that meant Solo. Truth is, buzz about the movie […]

Never Too Many Captains

In retrospect, I’m wondering now if I’ve worn more Captain America socks this year than any other repeated theme. Seems like this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve referenced Cap since the first of the year. To be honest, after that amazing Captain Marvel trailer this week, I’m feeling like I have to get […]

Because Cancer Always Sucks*

Sometimes you move into a new neighborhood, but you’re an introvert and you worry if your new neighbors will “get you”. Sometimes you get really lucky, and they accept you for who you are. Sometimes one of those awesome neighbors is among the sweetest, brightest people you’ve ever met, who always has a smile and […]