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A Few Worthy Skulls On All Hallow’s Eve

Look, I get it. These don’t particularly seem SO. PERFECT for Halloween, especially compared to yesterday’s jack-o’-lanterns, which, admittedly, are, like, the perfect pair of Hallmark Halloween socks. But Halloween isn’t and shouldn’t ever be a Hallmark holiday. I mean, it’s when the spirits walk the Earth. Is that really the occasion to sell a […]

The Jack-o’-Lantern Before Samhain

The Jack-o’-Lantern Before Samhain

I had a hard time deciding between today’s jack-o’-lantern face socks and the pair I’ve got prepped to go for tomorrow. As it turned out, even though it’s not really why I went with them today, these were a good choice this morning since we did our annual family carving tonight. Uh, hello! There was […]

Halloween Adjacent 🎃

I’m afraid the lighting doesn’t really do these justice, but that’s definitely an orange stripe on black and gray. That makes these close enough to being Halloween-themed in my book, or at least Halloween-adjacent. Tomorrow begins the primetime show for Halloween socks, though, and I’m not going to lie, I can’t wait. I don’t guess […]

And So It Begins

We have reached, at last, one of my two favorite weeks of the year. The other, of course, is the week of Christmas and New Year’s, during which I genuinely seem to enjoy family activities plus somehow also manage be optimistic about things. The optimism, I reckon, has to come from my maternal grandmother, Helen, […]

Not The Boss Of Me

There have been times in my life when I felt like I had things well under control, that I was master of my own destiny as well as of what I was going to be doing with my time. That was…before. Before I had kids. Before I had teens. These days, having spent today making […]

It’s Friday, Y’all

There’s just not a whole lot more I need to say than what’s stated in the subject, except that I’ll absolutely be keeping this pair of socks. See, because my friends and I have a “Y’all Day” holiday every year to commemorate a specific day at the lake — well, that is, the pond — […]

Carpe Fall Thursday

Vibrantly colored paisley today. Because it’s Thursday…

A Haiku To Clarify Sock -Based Fandom

A Haiku To Clarify Sock -Based Fandom

Blue socks, orange stripes…

Fall Foliage And Locomotive Dreams

Being that it’s October 23rd, we’re getting our annual two weeks of autumn around these parts. I’m sure we’ll get another bout of 70-75 degrees at some point between now and Thanksgiving, after which Old Man Winter will roll in and keep us bouncing between cool, cold, and cockle-solidifying until fake spring gets here in […]

The Law Of Conservation of Sockage

This pair of socks was going to set the tone for my entire week. The Puddinette and I joked that these Monday morning dollar signs were all about getting out there, working that hustle, and banking those sweet, sweet Benjamins. Only problem was, before gettin’ on that hustle, I had to take the ol’ family […]