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Tuesday Socks On A Thursday Morning

I was this close to rocking something really bright and not so stunning today, but at the last minute, these caught my eye. They aren’t the most striking pair of socks I’ve worn this year, but I thought they had something of a subtle charm. Admittedly, Thursday wouldn’t usually be the day of the week […]

A Haiku For The End Of November

Dots, but not polka…

Miraculous Stripes

Welp, here we are. The end of 2018 is nearly a month away and there are still many more pair of socks in the drawer of holding here on November 27th than I ever would have dreamed possible in early January. Back then I figured that if we — and I’m very much including the […]

A Monday With Unusual Chemistry

Yes, of course I have a pair of socks proudly emblazoned with the Periodic Table of Elements. These were actually a gift from my sister-in-law, whose taste in picking out the appropriate socks for me is apparently spot-on. Sadly, due to a somewhat common personality condition know as “being a dumbass” (that’s the clinical term) […]

Conundrums And Canine Accusations

Neither Smoky nor I really know what the pattern on this pair of socks is actually supposed to represent. With one look, it kinda seems to me like, I don’t know, jigsaw pieces or something. But then with a second on the green parts remind me of Christmas trees. Since yesterday was tree day around […]

Ornamental Moments

Ornamental Moments

Two things of note took place today. First, the whole family got dressed in semi-coordinating blues and grays this morning — no small feat alone for three teens — and sat for family pictures for the first time in 2/3 of a decade. Believe it or not, without an excess of arm-twisting all four kids […]

Not So Black Friday

These are my Black Friday socks. Admittedly, they don’t really speak so much about the unbridled avarice of the American shopping culture as much as they’re black and have circles that look very much like Christmas tree ornaments to me. See, the Puddinette has worked diligently to train me in the idea that the weekend […]

Happy Turkey Sock Day!

Here they are as promised, the perfect pair of socks for Thanksgiving. These were given to me, actually, by my mom, for whom the holiday is one of her favorite days of the year. The socks are seen here along with the Puddinette wearing a suitable pair from my 2018 back catalog. Together we’d like […]

Even The Dog Is Thankful For Argyle

Smoky is ready for Thanksgiving. He’s also ready for me to throw that ball for him. I, on the other hand, am only roughly 70% ready for the big day tomorrow. Beer and wine have been acquired, one of the two turkeys had been brined, cooked, and carved, and nearly every visible surface in this […]

A Haiku For Preliminary Thanksgiving Prep

Proper colored socks…