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You Can’t Judge A Sock By Its Pattern

You Can’t Judge A Sock By Its Pattern

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my 2018 Sockscapades, it’s that things often don’t turn out quite the way you expect. Well, at least that’s today’s “one thing I’ve learned”. I’ll allow it’s entirely possible that I’ve spouted that same phrase four times already this year and just don’t remember. I […]

And I’ll Finish This Year Of Socks, If Not For Those Meddling Kids

I’m not going to lie, I’m running out of day-relevant socks. Or, at least, relevant things to say about whatever socks I picked to wear. But then again, it’s December 9th. Day 343 out of 365. Zoinks! It’s almost the end of the year. And with that said, I’m guessing you can see why I […]

Socks and Space

Apparently NASA recorded the sound of wind on Mars this week with its be Insight rover, and SpaceX delivered a shipment of Christmas goodies — including candied yams — to the International Space Station this weekend. In my book, that’s enough space-centric news to be a good excuse for wearing a pair of constellation-oriented socks […]

Here’s One For All My Heir Of Salazar Pals

I spent most of yesterday twisting my brain around, attempting to wrangle something called a “predictive recursive decent parser” for work. The good news is that I eventually succeeded, and somehow managed to produce an algorithm capable of both parsing what needs parsing while also putting it back together again. Which is to say, all […]

When You Can’t Even Trust The Stripes

I really like this color combination, which is probably good since I’ve worn something similar repeatedly in the past week. Or, at least it feels like it. I’m even less certain about what We should call this pattern. My first inclination was to say they’re striped. But as far as stripes go, does it still […]

A Limerick For Day 339

There once was a fella with ideas quite strange…

The Moment #NationalSockDay Got Too Meta

Today is kind of a big deal. Not only is it National Trick Shot Day and National Dice Day — which, can you believe the luck of landing both on the Same. Day?! — it’s also National Sock Day. Oh, and apparently there’s some business about it being National Cookie Day, too, but I mean, […]

Because The Colors Make It Special

Because The Colors Make It Special

This pair of socks, with its subtle, multi-colored dots, is quite possible the most understated of the 337 pairs I’ve worn this far in 2018. How do you know? Because this is the first time all year I’ve had to edit a photo and adjust both the contrast and the black times in order to […]

Swan Socks For An Ugly Day

These socks have been sitting in The Drawer Of Holding for literally months. Over all that time, I’ve been struggling to come up with a good day to wear them. I mean, for one thing, they’re Steelers colors, and as a long-suffering, lifetime Bengals fan, it’s a challenge to wear anything that’s black and gold. […]

Deus Ex Sockina

I love these socks a ton and will definitely be keeping them after The Great Sock Experiment of 2018 comes to it’s natural end. If you can’t quite read them — and I apologize for the strangeness of the angle, but when socks only have something of interest on the outer part of the leg, […]