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Snow, You Better Not Have

This is without question the most difficult pair of socks to get a decent photo of in all of 2018. It’s hard to tell fire this but they read “Oh, Snow, You Didn’t”, and I took no less than 10 shots trying to get just one that did them justice. I’m not sure this one […]

Socks And Rhymes: Coping When Trapped With An Awful Grinch

Santas on snowmen and puppy dog glances Jim Carrey’s Grinch making me pray for eye lances Fuming that Die Hard is good but not right These are the thoughts that I’m having tonight. These Santas are older than each pair this year For nigh 30 years they’ve been bringing me cheer Bought them from Kmart, […]

A Snowman Hiaku And A Spinning Top

These cool snowman socks…

Socking In A Temperate Wonderland

Socking In A Temperate Wonderland

The tree is all decked out with plenty of gifts now, and I’m glad to show that my feet were equivalently holiday-ready today. In fact, I really like this pair as far as socks for the season go. Not only are they really comfortable, but they remind me of a day spent frollicking in a […]

Monday Mickey Musings

As I believe I mentioned at some point, not every single pair of this year’s socks is a new one. This is one of the few “fun” socks I’ve had since long before I decided I was going to try to some wacky scheme to wear only some different, interesting stuff on my feet every […]

I’ll Drink His Health, For Your Socks, And The Day’s Socks, But Not For His

Daughter played the role of Cratchit today in “Bah, Humbug,” a music theater adaptation of A Christmas Carol (which may, in fact, be my favorite piece of Christmas storytelling in literary history). Her mean ole dad — that’s is, me — would never admit it, but there might have even been a little moisture in […]

Questionable Holiday Sock Decisions

Knowing what I know about the new likes and followers I’ve picked up since beginning the Great Sockscapades Of 2018, I have to admit that this particular pair gave me a moment’s pause this morning while considered the holiday collection in my drawer. But, hey, if the wife gets you a pair of socks that […]

Wearing All These Holiday Socks Means You Gotta Be A Little Bit Nuts

It seems a little weird to say, but it’s a sad fact that to my recollection, I have never seen any production of The Nutcracker in person. I say it’s weird because I feel like usually it’s the kind of thing kids go to see on field trips before winter break. Either that or they […]

A Double Haiku For The High School Holiday Concert

“He lied,” you will think Music socks aren’t holiday Oh but you’d be wrong Notes are quite jolly On Christmas band concert night Like I just survived

Infinity Socks: Endgame

The term has become inexplicably popular over the last week, but I can think of no better word to describe this new phase of our little sock project than “endgame”. Today begins an seemingly unending series of holiday socks to round out was has been an outstanding year, hand selected by my second son, who […]