A Double Haiku For The High School Holiday Concert

“He lied,” you will think
Music socks aren’t holiday
Oh but you’d be wrong

Notes are quite jolly
On Christmas band concert night
Like I just survived

Infinity Socks: Endgame

The term has become inexplicably popular over the last week, but I can think of no better word to describe this new phase of our little sock project than “endgame”. Today begins an seemingly unending series of holiday socks to round out was has been an outstanding year, hand selected by my second son, who is celebrating his 15th birthday this very day.

Given a number of holiday-themed options this morning, he wasted exactly 237 milliseconds before declaring that I needed to put on this pair, headlined by a carnivore Claus and candy canes. They are, without question, the perfect choice for him, both festive and whimsical at once, while also being just different enough to be perfectly unique.

The kid will likely be taking ownership of them after they’ve been washed. I’m not going to lie, it fills me with a special kind of joy knowing that not only did these socks — and Second Son’s behest — usher in this final phase of The Sockening, but that he’ll also wear them the same kind of nerdy pride I have been rocking all year.

Happy holiday, kids, and happy birthday 15; if nothing else you’ll always have your dad’s taste in clothing (and other apparel).

Socks Of Christmas Future

This evening seemed like a good time to get a picture of Day Number 345’s socks in front of one of the many Christmas trees making la casa de Puddin extra festive. And by “seemed like a good time” I mean that I was laying on the couch by the fire with my feet up, admiring the day’s pattern of colorful dots on navy and gray. Forcing myself to get up would, naturally, have been a travesty.

Also, today’s photo of my socks before the tree is, like, foreshadowing or something. And I’ll leave you to chew on that piece of vagueness for a few days.


You Can’t Judge A Sock By Its Pattern

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my 2018 Sockscapades, it’s that things often don’t turn out quite the way you expect.

Well, at least that’s today’s “one thing I’ve learned”. I’ll allow it’s entirely possible that I’ve spouted that same phrase four times already this year and just don’t remember. I mean, I’ve written a lot of posts since January while referencing quite a few random-seeming topics. Given that my memory ain’t what it was even when I was 35, the odds of me repeating myself is alarmingly high.

But I digress.

Back to today’s point, I figured at the beginning of this little adventure that I’d find the socks photography would be easy and would always reproduce exactly what I thought the socks looked like when choosing them from the drawer in the morning. If anything, then, the idea of finding and putting on new ones every day would get boring after, yanno, 200 shots or so of the same feet.

I’ve come to find out, though, that I had it all backwards. I’m not bored yet, even after a lot more than 200 days of taking pictures and making up words. That said, the daily selection very rarely comes out the way I expected in a picture. A pattern or a character — say, a Shaggy, for instance — often takes on a whole new personality when there’s a middle-aged dude’s foot inside of it. Case in point, today’s pattern struck me as quite geometric when I picked them out this morning.

As you can probably see by comparison, this pattern is actually a clever arrangement of hexagons. But it seems like they became something else entirely when I put them on.

If nothing else, it’s taught me to keep from judging the day ahead of me this year before letting it fill the pattern outself.

And I’ll Finish This Year Of Socks, If Not For Those Meddling Kids

I’m not going to lie, I’m running out of day-relevant socks. Or, at least, relevant things to say about whatever socks I picked to wear. But then again, it’s December 9th. Day 343 out of 365.

Zoinks! It’s almost the end of the year.

And with that said, I’m guessing you can see why I picked the socks I picked today.

Socks and Space

Apparently NASA recorded the sound of wind on Mars this week with its be Insight rover, and SpaceX delivered a shipment of Christmas goodies — including candied yams — to the International Space Station this weekend. In my book, that’s enough space-centric news to be a good excuse for wearing a pair of constellation-oriented socks today.

Hope you’re having a great weekend, kids, filled with the sounds of other worlds and maybe even a holiday cookie or three!

Here’s One For All My Heir Of Salazar Pals

I spent most of yesterday twisting my brain around, attempting to wrangle something called a “predictive recursive decent parser” for work. The good news is that I eventually succeeded, and somehow managed to produce an algorithm capable of both parsing what needs parsing while also putting it back together again.

Which is to say, all the king’s people got nothin on me. Also, as a natural consequence, Humpty Dumpty and I are deep negotiations.

What’s more important, though, is admitting to myself that sometimes, when it comes to getting the job done, being somewhat clever isn’t the worst thing in the world. In fact, a little bit of clever is often exactly what’s needed to score big.

With that in mind, then, here’s to all my Slytherin homies. Yeah, I was sorted into Griffyndor back in the day — inexplicably, if you ask me — but, who knows what kind of cold medici the sorting hat was taking that day:. Point is, sure you maybe have some PR work to do, but if giving the choice between being charismatic and clever, I’ll take clever every time (and twice on Wednesday).

Have a great weekend, my shrewd, misunderstood friends. And, oh yeah, try not to set the place on fire.

When You Can’t Even Trust The Stripes

I really like this color combination, which is probably good since I’ve worn something similar repeatedly in the past week. Or, at least it feels like it. I’m even less certain about what We should call this pattern. My first inclination was to say they’re striped. But as far as stripes go, does it still count if they’re, like, 1/5 if the totally area in question. Seems like maybe they’d be panels more than stripes.

I’m calling anything this wide “faux stripes” in the future. And speaking of fake striped things, the candy canes spotted in the background of today’s picture are equally “faux”. Sure, they look like normal cane-shaped holiday confections, but a closer look at that box will show the terrifying truth: they’re soda flavored candy. Crush, and root beer, and Dr. Pepper, oh my!

No, ma’am, those treats may look like candy canes, but they are not peppermint-flavored. And, in my book, if they don’t taste like mint, they’re just plain imposters. Thankful my stripes are only sort of half as fake.

A Limerick For Day 339

There once was a fella with ideas quite strange
Who reasonable people assumed was deranged
He wore all new socks each day
Like colorful dots and stripes today!
So, yeah, it’s too late in the year now to change

The Moment #NationalSockDay Got Too Meta

Today is kind of a big deal. Not only is it National Trick Shot Day and National Dice Day — which, can you believe the luck of landing both on the Same. Day?! — it’s also National Sock Day.

Oh, and apparently there’s some business about it being National Cookie Day, too, but I mean, who really cares about National Cookie Day? Santa, maybe, but he’ll get his own cookie day at the end of the month. At any rarely, clearly the socks take top billing here.

Ok, so, yeah, that’s a little but of silliness. I’ll readily admit that the number of #NationalCookieDay posts appearing in your social media platform of choice is likely to outnumber the #NationalSockDay posts by, like, 5 to 1. But you better believe the socks are going to come first up in here today.

To that end, indeed, you are seeing correctly that the socks I wore today are, in fact, patterned with a variety of tiny socks. If these aren’t the best version of all the possible things I could have put on my feet on #NationalSockDay, well, I’m just giving up now and going back to white cotton athletics socks.