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Deus Ex Sockina

I love these socks a ton and will definitely be keeping them after The Great Sock Experiment of 2018 comes to it’s natural end. If you can’t quite read them — and I apologize for the strangeness of the angle, but when socks only have something of interest on the outer part of the leg, it’s a challenge to get a picture — that circle reads “Deus Ex Machina”. It’s a well-known latin phrase translated as “a god from the machine”, which references the occasional use of an artificial or improbable device to resolve a plot complication. Yanno, like, when an army of formerly unmentioned ghosts suddenly appear to vanquish The Dark Lord.

With that in mind, these are the perfect socks for the 1st of December, what with NaNoWriMo ending yesterday and everything. Because not only did the end of November appear to resolve the conflictS many writers were feeling during NaNo, but since, well, it’s a fun literary reference, obviously.

Here’s hoping you’re having a great weekend, and if maybe it didn’t kick off quite as awesome as you’d hoped, that there’s a god in the machine to save you before works starts again on Monday!

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The Last Tour Of Sock Prophecy

Today is the last “last day of the month” this year that isn’t also the “last day of ridiculous sock challenge, 2018”, so I decided this morning that a slight celebration was in order. And, obviously, nothing says celebration when it comes to socks quite like toasting beer mugs. Hence, today’s sock selection.

Of course, there’s almost no way I would have chosen these if “last day of the month” hadn’t also coincided with Friday. It did, though, which, honestly, now that I think about it, seems like the whole thing was fated to happen this way. Yanno, like sock prophecy or something.

That’s right, I said “sock prophecy”, which not only seems at this moment very much like a thing I should allow to inform and direct the rest of my days here on terra firma, but also could probably be a really sweet band name.

At any rate, now that I’m letting the socks take the wheel, I can’t wait to see what happens this weekend. I’m thinking odds are good that I end up in a full-sized washing machine, but whatever, I’m ready to let the chips fall wherever they may.

Here’s hoping you get out there and have a chance to rock the washing machine of your destiny this weekend, too. Just, whatever happen, have a great time, but, uh, try not to set the place on fire.


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Tuesday Socks On A Thursday Morning

I was this close to rocking something really bright and not so stunning today, but at the last minute, these caught my eye. They aren’t the most striking pair of socks I’ve worn this year, but I thought they had something of a subtle charm.

Admittedly, Thursday wouldn’t usually be the day of the week I’d most likely associate with “subtle charm”. That seems a lot more like maybe Tuesday. Thursday is all about barely contained anticipation. But the thing is, yesterday felt like Thursday to me all day, which left me totally not sure what to think this morning.

Rather, I was actually super disappointed to realize it was Friday, but equal parts sad and rage-y is no way to go through a poor, innocent Thursday. Hence, subtle charm. It works when you have no other idea what to do with yourself.

And that kids, is how you get Tuesday socks on a Thursday morning.

Oh, and while I’m at it, does anyone know what this pattern is called? Surely it’s got to have a name, right? I mean, they all have names, even if they’re ridiculous. But I’ll be damned if I have any clues what this one is called. Hook me up if you have any inkling.

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A Haiku For The End Of November

Dots, but not polka
Inky black, but not formal
Socks defying norms

Miraculous Stripes

Welp, here we are. The end of 2018 is nearly a month away and there are still many more pair of socks in the drawer of holding here on November 27th than I ever would have dreamed possible in early January. Back then I figured that if we — and I’m very much including the Puddinette here, because this little sock endeavor would have lasted about 10 days if she hasn’t gotten onboard — made it to my birthday without running out of unique pairs, that would be pretty impressive.

We’re obviously not done yet, of course. There’s still, what, 35 or 34 days off 2018 left? But I chose this pair of grey socks with pink, blue, and black stripes this morning because it pretty closely matched my shirt. Which, quite frankly, boggles my mind. By now I should be pulling out whatever remains in there, the bummers and dregs, the ugliest things I’d been shoving to back of the drawer for six months or so.

And I have some of those. I do. Not every pair we’ve brought home this year has been the Robert Redford of footwear. I mean, when you buy in large packs and you need 365 pairs, sometimes you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

But with a mere 34 days left and the holidays about to start in earnest, the fact that I can still find socks that I want to wear — and that I’m still managing to write posts that say anything more than, “Day 311. I wore socks again, if you can believe it. They looked like… socks.” is nothing short of miraculous.

A Monday With Unusual Chemistry

Yes, of course I have a pair of socks proudly emblazoned with the Periodic Table of Elements. These were actually a gift from my sister-in-law, whose taste in picking out the appropriate socks for me is apparently spot-on.

Sadly, due to a somewhat common personality condition know as “being a dumbass” (that’s the clinical term) that prevents my sense of time and space from being half as accute as my love of the science-y and nerd-adjacent, I neglected to wear these on an appropriate chemistry-related day, such as October 23. Indeed, Mole Day would have been a much more fitting date for these, but, alas, I am what I am. Thus, you get them on November 26th.

Not all is lost, however! According to the National Day Calendar — which surely is at least as reliable as any almanac you might pick up — today is both National Cake Day and Cyber Monday. Which, I mean, I’ll assume you knew about the Cyber thing. Otherwise you’re likely be living under a rock or totally off the grid in the deep Alaskan wilderness in one of those fancy, (err, not so fancy) electricity-optional cabins. Either case makes you an unlikely reader of this blog.

Now, while “Cyber Monday” certainly sounds at least somewhat science-y — or at least sci-fictiony — as we all know, it’s decidedly no such thing. The good news is that although I harbor suspicions that this shadowy Calendar organization is probably slipping multiple cake days into every year, it’s actually not a bad fit for chemistry-related socks. Scoff if you must, but I challenge anyone out there to make a half-decent cake without serious consideration for the balance between the acid and alkaline content of its ingredients. No balance, no rise. No rise and, well, you’re not making cake, you’re making doorstops.

And that’s just plain science.

Conundrums And Canine Accusations

Neither Smoky nor I really know what the pattern on this pair of socks is actually supposed to represent. With one look, it kinda seems to me like, I don’t know, jigsaw pieces or something. But then with a second on the green parts remind me of Christmas trees. Since yesterday was tree day around here, I figured that was a good enough association for me.

I think Smoky’s glare here suggests he regards that connection as tenuous at best. Either that or he’s wondering why I’m taking pictures of my feet instead of giving him treats.

I have to admit he makes a fair point.

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Ornamental Moments

Two things of note took place today. First, the whole family got dressed in semi-coordinating blues and grays this morning — no small feat alone for three teens — and sat for family pictures for the first time in 2/3 of a decade. Believe it or not, without an excess of arm-twisting all four kids behaved themselves and even smiled on demand (and I didn’t screw anything up, either). It may have been the best early Christmas present the Puddinette could have asked for.

For the record, today’s socks were chosen to match the family picture sitting. Blue and red stripes with brown heels and toes were right on the money.

As if getting family pictures successfully taken wasn’t enough, we also finished putting up the holiday decorations. There wasn’t much left to do after yesterday besides putting up and gussying up the tree, but that task took twice the effort of years before simce we added a 9′ pencil tree to our family room. That’s what you’re seeing behind my socks above, and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

In case anyone is interested, our “primary” tree — that is, the one that will eventually get all the presents — looks like this. Our Yule tree situation is an embarrassment of riches, really.

It’s also hard to believe that my sock-y crusade has little more than a month and few days left. But that’s a different post altogether.

Not So Black Friday

These are my Black Friday socks. Admittedly, they don’t really speak so much about the unbridled avarice of the American shopping culture as much as they’re black and have circles that look very much like Christmas tree ornaments to me.

See, the Puddinette has worked diligently to train me in the idea that the weekend after Thanksgiving is all about putting up holiday decorations. Truth be told, I’m a slow study, but finally, after a decade or so, I caught the gist. Which is to say, the family room is already now lined up in red and green, and there are lights and decorative items everywhere. The tree will likely go up tomorrow, and if not, then absolutely on Sunday.

The thing is, I couldn’t be happier about any of it. Holiday decorations used to not be a big thing for me. I think there was a year once back in my twenties wheny brother and I (we shared an apartment) didn’t put up any decorations at all! These days, though, with time sprinting by — which I’m seeing is common amongst parents of multiple teens — if we can make just one month take its precious time, if only by putting up decorations to remind us of the special season were in, well, I’m all for it.

Honestly, it also makes Black Friday a whole lot less dark.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, or at least an awesome Thursday, and that your Friday was every bit as amazing (whether it meant diving into retail crowds at 5 AM, or hiding in your robe until 5 PM). Let’s all try to have a weekend that’s just as outstanding, but, uh, try not to set the place on fire.


Happy Turkey Sock Day!

Here they are as promised, the perfect pair of socks for Thanksgiving. These were given to me, actually, by my mom, for whom the holiday is one of her favorite days of the year.

The socks are seen here along with the Puddinette wearing a suitable pair from my 2018 back catalog. Together we’d like to wish a huge Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, and hour it has been filled with whatever things make the day special for you.

Now, then, it’s just about time for a late evening piece of pie.