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Mythical (?) Beasts Found On My Socks

What creatures are those, do you think? Are these the mythical unicorns I’ve been hiding for that one perfect day? Or perhaps that’s a horse of some kind? Possibly a centaur, bow in hand, or a dinosaur hunting prey?

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A Puzzle Wrapped In Haiku

Diminutive type
Likes to help with bazooka
So then, who am I?

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An Enigma…

Today’s socks reference a famous place where no one’s ever really been. But I’ve been there! Jealous?

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The Game Is Afoot*

Doing the same thing everyday is getting a little dull, so I decided to switch things up for a few days. These are the socks I wore yesterday, and they’re part of a coordinated theme that’ll play out over of the next few days. I don’t want to give what away what that theme is just yet, though, so here’s a really tight zoom.

Let’s see if anyone can piece it all together.

*See what I did there?

Life Goals Shaded Blue

I’m a gigantic nerd, so obviously I fell in love with today’s pair of socks pretty much immediately because they reminded me of a blue-tinted circuit diagram. Plus also, Tron.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I purchased a 6-pack of predominantly blue-colored socks in order to acquire this one pair.

Also (because I’m gigantic nerd) the 9 year-old and I put together a soda-bottle rocket a year or so ago. It should probably be noted at this time that it’s been a goal of mine to impart aforementioned nerd-POV unto my children whenever possible. The youngest has completely embraced said world view thus far, and has asked to break out the soda rocket at least every other day since the beginning of May.

So here we are, just a pair of nerds. Asking you to enjoy our backyard rocketeering and my dorky blue Tron socks.

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Summer S’mores And Stuffing

For the first official day of summer vacation, s’mores seemed like a perfect fit (see what I did there?), even though, in all honesty, I have never been a big s’mores fan. No, seriously, I’m neither a monster not a communist. I dig graham crackers and chocolate just fine, but marshmallows are just not my thing. S’mores, meanwhile, are, like, 70% marshmallow.

Smoky, though, could care less about my feelings on the subject of marshmallows. Or summer for that matter. As far as he’s concerned, it’s evening and I’m in the recliner, and that means nothing except, of course, it’s time to play. Preferably with the hollowed out fabric remains of a once-stuffed bear.

Somebody ought to give that poor bear a s’mores.

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For The Gold And The White We Cheer

Today I’m wearing the colors of my college alma mater. I honestly just pulled them out of the drawer this morning because I thought they matched my “Middle-Aged Dad Weekend Cargo Shorts* Only later did I realize that these were much more likely selected for me by my subconscious, after being pelted the last few weeks with email and physical mail requests for a donation by the school alumni association as well as by the Deans from the Colleges of both Art and Science.

I guess that makes me some kind of modern Renaissance Man?

*These ubiquitous khakis can be thoughtlessly matched with anything from button-downs to novelty tees, are easy to wear, and will complement every outfit, whether pressed to perfection or ruggedly rumpled. Perfect for the dad on the go who has no idea how many kids have to be picked up or dropped off today, nor how long the dreaded Honey-Do list has grown since the last time it was dumped in his lap. Burdened with pockets to fill, these cotton-poly-blended wonders say to everyone, “I am basically hoping to survive the weekend and make it back to the office on Monday where things will make sense again. Available in 8 shades of khaki, $17.99.

Belated But Still Beloved

It seems that yesterday was National Doughnut Day, which I guess has been a thing since, like, the Depression? Regardless, in had other things needing some sockey attention yesterday, and even I’m not crazy enough to attempt multiple pairs of socks in one day.

Which means recognition of National Doughnut day had to be a touch belated, but there’s just no excuse for missing a chance to celebrate those delicious rings of fried dough.

Dammit, and now I want a doughnut.

A Cool Beverage In Celebration

Middle son “bridged” from 8th grade forward into the terrifying unknowns of High School today, and of course the Puddinette and I attended the ceremony. Sadly, I didn’t have anything “graduation” appropriate in the drawer, so I let said son choose my socks for the occasion. He selected with these, thinking that the event called for at least a soda fountain visit, if not an honest to goodness milkshake.

Truth be told, soda fountains can be a bit of a challenge to find in 2018, but I’m confident we’ll work something out. And now school is out and summer is upon us, and, well, ain’t nobody disappointed about that.

Have a great weekend out there, and try not to set the place on fire.

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Haiku Two Ways (About Socks)

Five whole months into ’18
Without sock haiku

A dawn glance in err
Not ladybug socks as thought
Two-tone spots still win