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Our Regularly Scheduled Programming, Already In Progress

Look ma! Socks! And I really like this pair too. The pattern is such that I spent most of the day trying to decide if I actually had them on inside out. Sure, that doesn’t necessarily sound like a positive thing, but when you’re goal is to be different every day, it’s hard to argue that’s a feature.


Heavy Hearts And (Nearly) Forgotten Footwear

I wore a pair of socks today. There’s a picture of them below. Right now I’m not having much luck remembering why I picked them out of the drawer this morning. Truth is, yesterday’s post was a bit disingenuous on my part.  I knew there was a good chance Maddie would be leaving us today and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, even if I conveniently left that part out yesterday. Point is, though, losing her today is making it difficult to bring myself to care much about my sock choices.

Humans have a tendency to romanticize our pets, and I’m certainly guilty there. But Maddie, for us, was a little special. The Puddinette and I had a pair of dogs when we started having kids, and as most people will tell you, when you have infants and young children, your dogs go from being babied to being, well, dogs. And sometimes it doesn’t all work out.

It didn’t for us, and by late 2007, we were pet-less.

I’d pretty much always had a dog as a kid, though, and I wanted my kids to know what joys of having one too. So it wasn’t but a few years before I began to nag the Puddinette that it was time to get the kids (and me!) a dog.

But the Puddinette, as I’ve eluded a hundred times before, is smarter than I am. She knew that in order to have a dog again, things needed to be just about perfect. That we had to make sure that both the time was right, and the dog was right.

It took us almost two years to find the right match for our family.

Maddie was that perfect fit. She helped us remember that a it was be possible to live in household with a dog, one grown=up kid, four actual kids, and still somehow have things not go all to hell on a daily basis. She was a little dog, but you’d never know it by the amount of space she took up in our lives…and in our hearts.

She’ll always take up that same space in our hearts, but now she’s no longer taking up her usual space in her favorite dog beds, and our home is a little less colorful for it.


*So, that’s not the same Rainbow Bridge the Vikings have…right? I mean, I kinda like the idea of Maddie trotting up into Valhalla and putting all the other dogs there in their places, but still

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Sleepy Sunday and Socks

We’ve had plenty of pictures of Smoky with my socks, but somehow none with Maddie, our aging lady. She doesn’t get around so well anymore, and a recent stroke left her with a permanent head-cock that makes it look she’s questioning everything, but her skill at napping has always…and continues to…make me green with envy.

Here I tried to distract her from her mid-afternoon nap by wowing her with today’s socks, which I selected because they kind of struck me as an inversion of yesterday’s colorful polka dots. Did she care? Not a whit, but that’s okay. She’s got more important things to do with her day anyway. 😴

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Cap’s Polka Dots

I wore my Captain America t-shirt today. The lighting here doesn’t quite bear it out, but these socks were nearly a perfect match. I have to say, while I have (and have worn) several pairs of superhero socks as part of the 2018 Sock Extravaganza, I kind of prefer a subtle reference, just like these.

Plus also, when you get right down to it, there are really never enough ways to say, “I Stand With Cap.”

Black Dog, Pink Dots, Can’t Lose

Friday socks. Friday dog. Errbody wins, yo.

Semaphores For Life

For some reason, looking at these I’m reminded of Tommy Hilfiger. Then again, I’m also reminded of seafaring adventures. As an introvert and computer nerd, I’ve never really been too in touch with either of the previous cool things. But then, isn’t that the best reason for rocking “socks that make you feel awesome?”

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Strike A Pose

I’m torn about which part of today’s picture I like better: the sweet blue and purple stirpes in my socks, or the “He’s got a little Captain in him” pose I was rocking to show them off. Either way, I ended up pretty pleased. Which do you like better?

Pondering Paisley

Look, ma! Paisley!

Truth be told, when I first started this little adventure, I sort of expect paisley to be a reoccurring theme. I’d honestly never really looked into funky socks, so I assumed it was mostly going to be paisley swirls and argyle for the year. I’m a little shocked, then, to realize this is maybe only the second time I’ve worn paisley socks so far this year.

Maybe I’ll have to see if I can find a little more of it.

And This One Belongs To The Reds

Was it actually Opening Day today? No, but it was the first Monday in April, and for the 45 years that I’ve hurtled around the sun, that’s when the Cincinnati Reds have started their baseball season. This pair of socks are to honor that history and tradition, even if baseball around here did theoretically start 3 days ago.

I’m having a hard time not feeling overly smug about it too, honestly, considering that the Reds dropped three in a row over the weekend yet posted their first W today by holding the high-octane Cubbies lineup to one hit today. Are the socks lucky? I don’t know. Truth be told, though, as a baseball fan and someone always mindful of sports-related superstition, it’s difficult not to wonder. Unfortunately, if they are lucky, that doesn’t bode well for the new season. It does give some hope to the 2019 campaign, though, because it’ll be next January before I slide these puppies on again.

Easter Greetings

You knew I’d be rocking Easter socks today, right? It actually took the Puddinette and I several consultations and exchanged Amazon links to find a bright, colorful pair with a pattern resembling eggs that didn’t break the bank.

For real, you’d never believe how much you gotta shell out for something with bunnies or even crosses in mid-March. Seems like price gouging to me. I bet in August Crucifix socks will be going for a song.

Whining aside, I’m pretty pleased with what we ended up with, and I’m proud to report they didn’t require a second mortgage. Above they’re seen with one of the kids’ Easter baskets. I wanted to get a shot of them at Church this morning — maybe with the altar in the background or something — but I was pretty sure no one would have appreciated it if I’d dropped a shoe and put my feet up on the pew in front of me mid-Gospel reading. Especially not when the Pastor of our parish asked about my Easter socks before Mass today. Nobody wants to have to hit Confession over their socks.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Or if you’re not the Easter-y type, then a wonderful Sunday (and April Fool’s)!