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Airmailing It In

It wouldn’t be much of a week of international travel via socks if I didn’t send postcards. So here’s a bunch of location stamps and a postmark or two to mark the occasion.

Tomorrow’s Wednesday, so it must be Egypt. We’ll send you a card; wish you were here!

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Bon Voyage, Feet!

It took me 5 different shots to get one of today’s socks that I was happy with, and even still, I’m not convinced I did them justice. I picked them this morning because there’s a map of world on the ankles and airplanes across the bridge of the feet, and damn, wouldn’t I have preferred to go on a trip to somewhere exotic with the Puddinette than go to work.

I went to work anyway because that’s what you do, and that wasn’t really so bad. But, that said, it would’ve been awesome to board a plane bound for some quaint European villa with beautiful ancient views and sweet street-side cafe. Since I can’t do that in reality just now, this week we’re going to do a bit of pretend traveling via my socks. I hope I come up with some places you’d like to visit.

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Soft, Comfy, and Perfectly Charred

We grilled out for Dad’s birthday today, and although we brought out the steaks rather than burgers, I still had a delightful time working a crazy hot grill in 90 degree heat. Does that make me not quite right in the head? Maybe. But few times in life will anyone ever give you as hearty a thank you as when you produce a delicious piece of beautifully grilled meat for them.

And then you get to eat. It’s really the definition of winning.

Thus, Food Week comes to a tasty close. Can’t wait to see what kind of nonsense I break out tomorrow.

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And A Little Cheese To Go With That

Today’s pretzel socks continue the Food Week theme in an ankle-length format that basically screams “Weekend”.

Sorry, I somehow even managed to keep these things on my feet all day, which is definitely a bit of a marvel in itself. They were a bit snug, truth be told. See, coz when you’re trying to notch 365 pairs of socks in a year, not all of them are going to fit perfectly. This were as close as you can get to just big enough for my feet, without cutting off any circulation.

I guess I know how Cinderella feels now. But, you know, without the Fairy Godmother, the Evil Step-family, or the Prince. But that’s okay, I got pretzels and I doubt she did.

TGI Fry-day!

I’m really pretty ashamed of myself today. I mean, fry socks on Friday? It’s almost as if I waited all week, or worse, concocted this cockamamie Food Week things just for the opportunity to wear these today while using the word “Fry-day” in the title.

I will never admit that that’s what happened! Never! And you can’t prove otherwise!

I did totally do exactly that, though. Because I am sad, sad person, who is running out of things to say about socks.

Have a great weekend, kids, and, as always, try not to set the place on fire.

Haiku For Food Week Thursday

Smoky in repose
Orange pizza socks just right
Today, a good day

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Sushi Night!

After avocados and tacos, I felt like it was time for a palette cleanser. Sushi may not quite be everybody’s favorite thing — or event a thing they’re willing to eat, what with it’s reputation for being heavily reliant on fish that’s touched less heat than Frosty the Snowman — but for me, it’s one of the three Infinity Foods. That is, foods for which there is no practical limit to the amount to I can consume.

Chicken wings and tacos would, obviously, be the other two. That said, though, it’s a whole lot easier to eat exceedingly too many chicken wings than it is sushi. Sushi ain’t cheap.

It is, however, the perfect food for Food Week Wednesday, and I wasn’t about to let that fact get away from me.

A Quick Dinner Sock Fix

You could reasonably expect that today’s socks would feature tacos considering that it’s Tuesday, and “Food Week” has this been been declared. As I unfortunately found when searching the drawer for a few this, I must have already worn the only pair of tacos I had.

Which left me facing the question millions of parents with smallish children often must conquer in homes across the land: what kind of food now? And like many of those parents, I reached that trusted set of hot dogs.

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Absolutely (Never) Avocado

These are avocado socks. They are adorable in their green cuteness. These also could be understood to make it seem that I am somehow a fan of the weird squishy fruit.

I am not.

No fruit that on the right side of “turned” should have the kind of texture that can retain fingerprints. And don’t get me started on the weird pebbly skin.

No ma’am, no avocados for me. But these socks are pretty cute… And a fine enough start to Food Week.

Sharkless Sunday

With Shark Week a thing of the past now, I was left to my own devices today when it came to picking socks. I wore a blue checkered shirt most of the day, so I figured I’d try to get matchy with my socks. These weren’t quite perfect, but close enough to make good on a Sunday evening on the patio.