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Another Sport Sparing Me Misery

I had a hockey game tonight, which I’m glad about because that prevented me from watching the Bengals at the Chiefs. It’s not over yet as of the moment I’m writing this, but as I see the score, it’s definitely embarrassing enough that I’m just going to spare myself the unpleasantness. Anyway. Back to hockey. […]

Because I Can’t Really Live In Bikini Bottom

Human beings have yet to develop a working gill system…

Need That Mega Juice

As is becoming common on Friday mornings (at least mid-school year), I woke this morning feeling like I’d trucked through the last mile of a marathon…

Similar And Proud

I know you’re probably thinking that these are the same socks I wore on Tuesday when I posted this week’s questionable haiku, but let me assure you they are not. They are somewhat similar, but considering I’ve worn pairs of the same pattern in different colors at points throughout the year, I’m quite comfortable with […]

Where In The World Are These Socks

But having a place to daydream about on your socks…

A Haiku For The School Socks I Wore to Eldest Son’s Regional Soccer Game

Every parent’s life…

Monday Travel Plans

After a busy weekend, sometimes the idea of hopping into the car or onto a plane on dark, chilly Monday morning in search of parts unknown can be pretty inviting. As it turns out, though, it’s not always realistic to just pick up and head out to see some new part of the world at […]

A Good Day For Gators

We celebrated Youngest Son’s 10th birthday day, even if he won’t technically be 10 years old until Tuesday. In honor of his big party, though, I made sure not to accidentally wear these blue alligator socks a few weeks ago during Animal Week II because while the kid is nuts about animals in general, his […]

Cold Socks, Warm Fire

It was something like 80 degrees here earlier this week. As I’m writing this, it’s now 44 degrees outside. Apparently autumn occurred sometime between the hours of 2 and 5 AM the other day, and now it’s just going to start being winter. Ain’t climate change grand? I do prefer being cold to hot, though, […]

The Perfect Amalgam

Yes, that’s right, today’s socks, Friday’s socks, are chicken and waffles, with a resplendent pinkish hue. I am 100% keeping this pair, and if you can’t see the inherent awesomeness of wearing them in a critical work meeting, well, I just don’t think I can help you. These socks are amazing. The perfect pair pre-weekend. […]