Socks for Social Distancing, Day 20

This is obviously the second time I've taken to posting about my socks on a daily basis. If you're familiar with the blog here, you know I somehow managed to post with a different pair of socks each day throughout 2018. That wasn't easy, but believe it or not, this is actually a little bit...

There is too much; I will sum up

This is our 2018, in one image. These are the "Happy New Year" socks I wore yesterday. After taking the picture below, I used the 365 images of the socks from the past year and some nifty software to make the mosaic above. I won't lie; I'm pretty darned happy with how it turned out.

Christmas Spirits

As promised, the one last pair of holiday socks as was foretold in prophecy. My family got together for Christmas today, and as it starts with bloody Mary's and mimosas, and includes at least one beer and wine exchange, socks sporting the phrase "Christmas Spirits" just seemed right. Two days left. How did we get … Continue reading Christmas Spirits